Yet another commuting rant

Some of you may know that I took a fall the other day and I am now back on crutches. 🙁 Today was my first day travelling into London at rush hour on crutches. What a pain. But a few people need to be singled out here. To the bloke who gave me a seat at Wimbledon. Thank You. To the two bints who would not stop gassing and let me off the train at Clapham Junction. What a pair of airheads you really are. Now lets start on Victoria Station. To the silly bint who ran into me while running and trying to do her fucking make up. Wake up earlier prepare properly and watch what you are fucking doing! Commuting is getting worse in the UK but please guys taker care and commute responsibly and properly. Its not that difficult.  

A rant about public transport

Following on from my earlier blog about commuting and menswear I now feel compelled to rant about the state of public transport. It amazes me that the smallest thing can stuff things up so  badly and in the process screw my entire day up.

The other week it was a person under a train at Wimbledon and now this week its not only a trespasser at Clapham Junction but a security alert at Victoria. In the UK we have some of the  highest public transport costs in Europe but it does not seem to get reinvested. For comparison  the journey I took before I wrote this blog cost me £4.00 a comparable journey in Prague costs 81p. In Frankfurt its £1.10. In both of these places I have never seen public transport delays like we have here in the UK. It simply does not happen.

2 hours to get from Wimbledon to Cetral London is an absolute joke. What is even more of a p*** take is having to pay £4 for it!

South West Trains are seriously doing my head in so its no wonder I am now seriously considering buying a scooter for travelling into and around London.