Oh Well. That’s London Screwed Then…

So the “lovely” Cressida Dick has been appointed as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. I am not happy about this. The Metropolitan Police have in my opinion been bereft of decent and proper leadership for a long time and this has filtered down to what in my opinion is a shambolic police force from top Read more about Oh Well. That’s London Screwed Then…[…]

Annual Awards 2014

Following on from last year, I have decided to do the same again and dish out my own annual awards. At this point I apologise for the fact that this post is more of an essay than a blog. Outstanding Excellence of the year award Derek the cabbie wins this one, to be fair he Read more about Annual Awards 2014[…]

Right you lot i’m back

Some of you may remember me from way back. My name is Swiss and some of you will remember my alleged demise after being captured by the plod at Malaga Airport. They are bastards them Spanish police, but you can’t keep a good knife down. I may have changed colour but because of some clever Read more about Right you lot i’m back[…]

Metropolitan Police

The other day I was waiting outside my local station for someone to arrive and meet me after getting off a train. I was astounded to see a marked police car pull up and park on double yellow lines without the blues and two’s blaring. This I believe is illegal. The occupants, 3 uniformed police Read more about Metropolitan Police[…]

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