Balance Awareness Week 2016

Balance awareness week starts on Monday 12 September 2016. For the record I am not asking anyone to donate any money. What I would like you to do is to take a read through this website and spend 10 minutes to gain an understanding of this condition. I have been unluucky enough to suffer from this for nearly two years. My thanks to you all in advance.

The Health Blog

I have been asked by some readers of this blog to bring them up to speed with regards to some health issues. This little issue and severe osteo arthritis are the main orders of the day. It ain’t great waking up with a headache, tinnitus and pressure in the ears every morning. Vertigo and the risk of falls or drop attacks are not fun either, especially if you start to feel wobbly on the street. I am still working away on various things gently but on a more part time basis. I tend to need to take time off intermittently from time to time. I need to rest often. Also I cannot walk more than 4 metres without walking aids. I am on some serious medication. If i dont respond to emails and texts immediately please be aware that the answer is above. Edit: This little sod has turned up 🙁