Easter 2018 : Personal Cloud Special Offers

Any new customers signing up to Personal Cloud from 01 – 10 April 2018 will get the following for only £1.95 per month when they sign up to a 12 month contract!

  • 12 GB Storage
  • Nextcloud  – Personal Cloud
  • Rainloop email integration
  • Akaunting finance software
  • Ampache Personal Media

The normal price for this package is £4.80 per month!

This is a a perfect bundle for the sole trader or individual to take advantage of in order to keep their business on track and their business affairs and record keeping in excellent order. For the busy individual this allows you to keep your life in order and enjoy your media collection whenever, where ever you are safe in the knowledge tat all your personal data and information is perfectly safe and secure.

Please use the form below to contact me for further information about this deal.

New Product: Personal Cloud

I am delighted to now be able to offer the new “Personal Cloud” product for individuals and families. Based on Nextcloud, this product blends professional life with personal life seamlessly and provides an integrated suite of tools that covers the following facets of life:

  • Music
  • Photographs
  • Media
  • Tasks and Calendar
  • Personal Documents
  • Email
  • Contact Management
  • Chat
  • Video Conferencing

The price of Personal Cloud starts at £3.00 per month.

You can read more about Personal Cloud by clicking here

For more information, please use the form below to contact me.

What Is Mautic?

Mautic is an excellent marketing tool, please see below to read more.

Social Media Marketing

Engage your leads through powerful social media marketing. Listen to your target audience and interact directly with them on their social media platform. Build your lead lists from social mentions, hashtags, keywords and more. Active social network marketing built into your campaigns.

Contact Management

Effortlessly track both anonymous and known contacts. Mautic provides in-depth and detailed tracking including page views, time spent on site, and specific interests. Once you’ve begun tracking, you can nurture those contacts with an array of powerful processes and Mautic makes it easy.

Email Marketing

Send personalized emails to your leads. Mass email marketing with no sending limits. Also integrate with existing third-party solutions. Watch email opening, track clicks, send follow-ups based on user decisions all with Mautic and email marketing.


Design valuable forms for your campaign to collect information, build segments, give content or market your next webinar with the highly customizable form builder.


Flexible, easy-to-use campaign management and drip program creation. Build a campaign and define the actions and events your contacts will follow. Automate the process of connecting with contacts and nurturing them along the sales funnel.


Use the data gathered from each of your campaigns to improve your marketing efforts. Detailed feedback of campaign reports let you improve and perfect your marketing.

I offer hosted Mautic based solutions on my infrastructure from £30 per month, please use the form below to contact me about this.

TV Request

As part of the work I do with Lifestyle businesses I have been passed this media request.


I apologise for contacting you out of the blue but
I wonder if you can

I am working on a series of 6 x 60 minute
documentaries for Channel 5,
called ‘Starting Up, Starting Over, following
six ambitious people
as they embark on a journey of a completely new
life. Ideally we hope
to catch people as they prepare for their big day,
from buying the
facilities and renovating it to rebranding the
existing business or
starting it completely from scratch. However, we
would like to also
hear from those who have just recently relocated
and are now building
up their new venture.

We are looking for families and couples who are
planning to leave the
comforts of a 9 – 5 and selling up in order to
pursue a career in
something they are passionate about.

My reason for getting in touch with you is to see
if you know anyone
about to relocate and start a new life. Perhaps
they are planning to
open a yoga retreat, a coffee shop or gastro pub,
gym or health spa.
It may be that a new health product is being
invented or made. These
are just a few examples of the different lifestyle
opportunities that are out there, and to highlight
what it takes to
make a new venture succeed.

We are keen to feature positive and aspirational
stories from people
who are embarking on their journey over the
summer. This is a
brilliant opportunity for “life changers” to
feature themselves
and their new venture on a prime time documentary,
and inspire other
people in the process.

I would really appreciate it if you could forward
this email onto
anyone that you think might be suitable or