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The Trade House – The Vision By Court Guinness

Why did I create The Trade House?

Well the answer is quite simple. I wanted to try and do something different for the business community in which I operate to try and make it easier for small businesses to do business together. There are a number of networking groups and business to business websites, some of which are a) Very expensive b) Low on value c) Impersonal and d) Full of spam.

I created The Trade House as a very lo-fi experiment, which is what it is in its current guise to see if it would work and fly. I hope it does. I hope it can become a friendly place for small businesses to do business with each other in a very lo cost or hopefully no cost environment to all of its members.

Indeed there are plans to enhance the site and add new cutting edge features as time goes by and if the experiment is a success. This will depend on member numbers. I do look forward to sharing news of these developments in advance of when it is practical to implement them.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to register and become a valid and very welcome part of a small but growing business to business community.

I am always interested to hear to hear your views and members can send me a private message by sending the message to the user admin.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Court Guinness


Our QR Code is below.

0.02 alpha version released

This is the 0.01 version of The Trade House. Purely for testing purposes only still at the moment.

We are accepting some new pre-release members.

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Our Twitter Account is now live:

You can view it here: Twitter