LibreHealth – This Deserves To Do Well!

I was hunting around for a piece of self hosted open source software earlier to do a particular job, when I happened across Librehealth.

This is basically open source web based software for patient and healthcare management, so for example, doctors surgeries and hospitals. Being basic about software like this does not do it credit.

I was intrigued so I decided to spend a little time investigating. I enjoyed playing with the demo system, I liked it.It appeared to handle a fee based healthcare scenario, where patients are billed for everything as opposed to a more NHS type setup.. I am an expert in systems not healthcare systems! Maybe it is perfect for NHS!



The screen shot above shows the main functions and it looks pretty comprehensive to me. I don’t know what healthcare professionals will think of it. I am a big fan of the web browser being the operating system and to this end this software seems to fit the bill very nicely indeed. It appears to be intuitive and well designed. I have no doubt that it is very secure as well, something of topical importance bearing in mind the effect a cyber-attack had on the NHS in England last Friday!

This software is not the sort of self hosted stuff that I normally give over a lot of time to, but I saw it, I liked it and I think it deserves to do well!

I do not know if I will ever see this in use in a local doctors surgery or hospital. It would be nice to think that well developed and thought out software such as this might make it into mainstream use. I would be even more pleased if it replaced and thus dented the market share of some of the more  expensive healthcare systems that are out there.

I am giving Librehealth 5 stars and the development team a well earned virtual pat on the back!