9228 – Best Month Yet!

March 2017 was a very momentous month for this website.We had 9228 unique visitors during the month of March 2017. A record for this website.

We had 17314 visitors in total each making an average visit of 5.39 pages. This is the best month yet for this website.

We had a very large contingent of viitors  from the NHS network paying an inordinate amount of attention to posts about the Lambton Road Medical practice followed by quite a large amount of attention towards other posts about the NHS in general.

Business posts were extremely well represented in terms of visitors with an ever increasing number of visits to the weekly deals section and an increasing number of downloads and an increase in numbers reading our interactive version. I was also pleased with the number of follow up enquiries.

However this post (clickable link) about a potential threat to self hosted WordPress managed to garner a large number of views in a few short days before the end of the month and became the most popular non business piece of content for March 2017.

I was disappointed to see a small drop in visitors from the various social media channels but delighted also to see an increase from the search engines. direct visits from the NHS network made up a large percentage of visitors.

I am not sure if this record will be beaten in the coming months but I am very pleased about the results for March 2017 and pleased by the effect that some tweaks have had. There are improvements planned for April and I look forward to sharing these with the general readership soon.

Thank you all for reading and participating 😀