Let’s all do a Donald!

So our little old teflon haired friend has been on the executive order juice since he gained power. He has been behaving like the absolute plonker I feared he would. Hell his executive order on immigration has even ensured that one of the UK’s most decorated athletes Sir Mo Farah has become potentially caught up Read more about Let’s all do a Donald![…]

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Notice: Public Sector Work

It is with regret that I announce that I will be unable to conduct any work for any public sector client or any project work on behalf of a private sector client for the public sector after 24th February 2017. Owing to changes in legislation.

Any current public sector work will be transferred to another provider where practicable  by 24th February 2017.


Excellent Service: Webhosting

I am delighted to be able to commend Siteground most warmly for their web hosting ability. They have taken over the hosting of this website and its associated services and manage and support the infrastructure that it reuires in an exemplary fashion. Their technical support team really do know their stuff and it is also Read more about Excellent Service: Webhosting[…]

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