Facebook has an almighty problem, so what is it?

Some of my friends who are still in the IT sector might pop up with answers such as usability or security. Some others might say its the targetted advertising. No I have found a more serious problem, that of common sense. You see for the second time in under 6 months Facebook has blocked has blocked my account claiming my name is not real. For the love of the baby Jesus and the virgin Mary! Court Guinness has been my name for 41 years and in terms of the internet has a healthy google footprint behind it. Twice in the past 6 months I have had to send ID to Facebook to prove who I am. This is beyond a joke. You cannot email an individual everything is automated. So my account is now blocked. Who do Facebook think they are? The real issue here in my opinion is one of over automation. They have got the computer to do too much and taken a human element out of the operation. So in effect human common sense has been removed from the business. All a human can appear to do is say “computer says no!”. This clearly is no way to run a business. Facebook needs to wake up and smell some coffee here! This is tantamount to Facebook accusing me of fraud. An allegation I will not take lightly or lying down. Facebook you have been warned. Get this sorted out now by a proper human. Before I take further action. In the meantime if you wish to see any of my posts or Man Utd jokes either watch this space or follow me on twitter @courtguinness.

Advertising and Content: The P2 List Winter Edition

Due to be published on 10 December 2016, the Winter 2016 edition of The P2 List, will be a  full edition of The P2 List featuring over 400 business opportunities, lots of great content and features and a few surpises as well.

I still have advertising and content space available in this edition of The P2 List which will be distributed to my mailing lists which are quite large and which will be available to view and download from many sources. This is a good opportunity for advertisiers and content writers alike to be seen by the small business community and the incoming small business community at large as the christmas period is the ideal time and the best time of the year to reach out to people who are considering setting up in business in a collective fashion.

If you would like to reach these target markets, please do contact me using the form below. I would be delighted to have a chat with you and help you reach these markets.

This year I have published 40 newsletters or magazines and the average readership is 4100, up from 1100 average in January 2016.

The deadline for  advertising copy and content is 18:00 01/12/2016.

You can download a copy of the advertising ratecard here: Autumn/Winter 2016 Advertising Rate Card

You can view an interactive version of the ratcard below:

If you have any quries regarding advertising in The P2 List or writing content for The P2 List, please use the form below.



London Special Edition – The P2 List – November 2016

I am delighted to be able to publish the November 2016 issue of The London Special Edition of The P2 List magazine. This is a free magazine featuring a large number of business opportunities ranging in size from £2,000 to £60,000,000. No sign up is required.

You can download a copy by clicking on this link: London Round Up - The P2 List - November 2016

Or you can viw the interactive version below:

The Pubs Hotels and Restuarants Edition of The P2 List

I am delighted to announce the publication of the Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants special edition of The P2 List for November 2016. This features a large number of confidential and off market deals throughout the UK and Europe. you can download a PDF version by clicking this link: Property Special Edition November 2016 Alternatively you can view an interactive version below:

The P2 List Property Edition November 2016

I am delighted to announce the publication of The P2 List Property Special Edition for 2016. This featues a large range of Property Deals. Please click this link to download your free PDF (no sign up needed ) Property Special Edition November 2016 You can also view the interactive version below: