Sergio Marchionne and Ferrari IPO

I was watching Bloomberg this morning when the Chief Executive of Fiat and Chrysler, Sergio Marchionne came out with this classic comment. “The Ferrari IPO will sell out quicker than I can eat a bagel!”. Well this begs the question, how quickly can Sergio eat a bagel? Can he eat one quicker than me? I do like Sergio, I think he is a shrewd businessman who really knows what he is doing indeed both Fiat and Chrysler are a good testimonial for this. I do now believe he has shot himself in the foot here. Ferrari is an elite brand with a strong history which goes back a long way. Their main products cars are an aspirational and expensive product with a long history of reliability problems. The business itself has also had a chequered history. I believe the IPO can sell well but I do predict a rocky ride for this stock as a long term proposition. Ferrari have said they will use the income to increase production. In truth if they are going to do that they need to also expand their product range. In the UK market that means more of these fantastic cars being driven around Surrey and Cheshire by chavvy footballers wives. This will cause a devaluation of the brand in my opinion. A Bloomberg analyst was asked if he would rather the car or the equivalent value in stock. I missed his answer but will provide my own answer to the question. The Car! If the folks from Ferrari are listening in could you make it an F12 Berlinetta in Red with tan hide, delivered soonest please 🙂 Ferrari are due to float in early July according to market reports.  

The Investment Network in February 2015

Please see below for a full summary of all of the business opportunities that I have on the books  of my business, The Investment Network at this time. If you would like full information on any of these opportunities please contact The Investment Network or request a call back.

Product Name Price For Sale/Wanted
For Sale Environmentally Friendly E-Commerce £8,000 For Sale
For Sale – Gastro Pub South West London – Leasehold £95,000 For Sale
Required For Clients – County Cork – Ireland £500,000 Wanted
Specialist Retail – Scotland – Central Belt £28,000 For Sale
Financial Brokerage Wanted £20,000 Wanted
Freehold Retail Premises with upper parts required – Derbyshire £200,000 Wanted
Diving School, Charter and Shop – South East England £285,000 For Sale
Newsagents – Convienience Store – North London £135,000 For Sale
A1/A3/A5 retail units wanted! £3,000 Wanted
Executive Search Agency – Dublin £25,000 For Sale
Cookshop For Sale, Norfolk £70,000 For Sale
Social Media and Networking Business For Sale £38,000 For Sale
Shareholding for sale – Hospitality Sector – Excellent Returns £150,000 Wanted
E-Cigarette business £9,000 For Sale
Newsagents For Sale – South West London £95,000 For Sale
Rail Consultancy For Sale £200,000 For Sale
Car Parts Website £13,000 For Sale
Petrol Station – Lancashire £140,000 For Sale
Investor Seeking Businesses – Home Counties £100,000 For Sale
Chinese Takeaway For Sale – South East London £55,000 For Sale
Pub For Sale – North Surrey £100,000 For Sale
Bespoke Printer Producer £250,000 For Sale
Investment Property Wanted £300,000 Wanted
18th C Coaching Inn W.Yorks £90,000 For Sale
Investment Offered – Hertfordshire Based Team £1,000,000 For Sale
Coffee Van For Sale £9,000 For Sale
Partners required with space suitable for pop-up retail £1,000 Wanted
Dealership Opportunities – Anona Technology £1,295 For Sale
Street Food – Bratwurst – London – For Sale! £27,500 For Sale
Ladies Accessories – Unique Business Opportunity £100,000 For Sale
TIN – Regional Representatives £95 Wanted
Investment Available For Retail – West Midlands £90,000 Wanted
Student Daily Deals Website For Sale £6,000 For Sale
Yacht Moulds and IPR For Sale £24,000 For Sale
Electrical Goods and Gadgets £3,000 For Sale
Representatives required in Belgium £195 Wanted
Interactive business to consumer site £7,000 Wanted
Businesses wanted for clients seeking career change £250,000 Wanted
Career Changers £500,000 Wanted
Solicitors Required To Work With Clients £90 Wanted
West Midlands SEO Consultancy £30,000 For Sale
Advanced Technology – Excellent investment opportunity £100,000 0
Retro sweet shop wanted! £80,000 Wanted
Online Jewellers £9,000 For Sale
IT Contracting Websites £3,000 For Sale
Dealership and Resale £10 For Sale
Mother and Baby website for sale £18,000 For Sale
South West London – Retail – Wanted £90,000 Wanted
Hosting SEO and Design Business in Scotland For Sale £30,000 For Sale
Dealers Required – West Midlands £10 Wanted
Offshore call centre required £10 Wanted
Data Centres required in Poland £200,000 Wanted
Dating Websites Required £300 Wanted
“Green” website for sale £3,000 For Sale
Pet Supplies website for sale £10,000 For Sale
Urgent SEIS qualifying businesses wanted £10 Wanted
Reresentatives required in Ireland £10 Wanted
Busineses required for investor £100,000 Wanted
Greece £60,000 Wanted
SEO Consultancy required for strategic partnership £400 For Sale
Independent Software Vendors Wanted £10 For Sale
WSI Franchise Resales x2 – Coming soon £19,000 For Sale
Management Buy In Wanted £100,000 0
E-Learning Solution £13,000 For Sale
Joint Venture Partners with warehouse space £400 For Sale
Travel Websites For Sale £9,000 For Sale
Data Centres Required in Serbia £200,000 Wanted
Commercial Investments in Andalucia, Spain £200,000 Wanted
Outsourcing partners in Poland £1,000 Wanted
Web design agency required for strategic partnership – London £2,000 Wanted
Technical Author – Effort-Equity Swap £9,000 For Sale
For Sale: Document Automation £10,000 For Sale
Construct a website with no tech knowledge – For Sale! £3,000 For Sale
Dealers Required – North West England – Automation £80 For Sale
Daily Deals Opportunity £10,000 For Sale
Holiday Lettings Website For Sale £7,000 For Sale
Non Destructive Testing £75,000 For Sale
iPhone and Android Apps required £1,000 Wanted
5 Web Hosting Businesses Required!!! £25,000 Wanted
Internet Service Provider for sale – Northern Ireland £30,000 For Sale
IT Support Businesses – Surrey £30,000 Wanted
Furniture Website for sale £12,000 For Sale
Shareholding for sale £12,000 For Sale
New Fund £100,000 For Sale
Domain Names £30 Wanted
Engineering Opportunities £125,000 Wanted
Portfolio of websites for sale £16,000 For Sale
Software development businesses wanted £75,000 Wanted
IT Contracting website for quick sale £3,000 For Sale
Organic male grooming website £21,000 For Sale
Forex Trading Website For Sale £9,995 For Sale
Handbags and ladies accessories £39,995 For Sale
Coming Soon – Distributors required – Advanced Technology £1,895 Wanted
IT Support Businesses Required – Hertfordshire £30,000 Wanted
Data Centres required in Montenegro £200,000 Wanted
Commercial cleaning businesses required for joint venture £3,000 Wanted
WordPress Effort – Equity Swap Opportunity £9,000 Wanted
North Midlands – Gifts – Retail £24,000 For Sale
Web based shopping portal £4,000 For Sale
Social Media Opportunity £300,000 For Sale
Marine Related Opportunities Wanted £20,000 Wanted
Education Requirements – SEIS £50,000 Wanted
Domain name for sale £80 For Sale
Excellent Business For Sale – Coming Soon £8,000 For Sale
SEO Consultancy For Sale £30,000 For Sale
Subway Franchise £65,000 For Sale
Distresed Night Club Required For Clients £200,000 Wanted
Mobile Phone Website For Sale £5,000 For Sale
Commercial Property Investment Required – Dordogne £300,000 Wanted
Social Media Marketing – SaaS – Freemium £200,000 For Sale
IT Contract Recruitment Agency For Sale £135,000 For Sale
Television series seeks investors £15,000 Wanted
IT Resellers Required £10 Wanted
Mobile Telephony Accessories £6,500 For Sale
Order fulfillment houses wanted £10 Wanted
Campervan Hire Business – Coming Soon £37,000 For Sale
Are you looking for SEIS funding in 2014/2015? £100,000 Wanted
Pub wanted! South London £500,000 Wanted
Ireland £100,000 Wanted
Data Centres Required in Romania £200,000 Wanted
Dealers Wanted – Suffolk, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire £80 For Sale
Computer Sales and Repair Business For Sale – Scotland £50,000 Wanted
Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada £300,000 Wanted
Data Centres Required in India £200,000 Wanted
For sale: Recruitment business – construction sector £75,000 For Sale
Distressed IT Services business £30,000 Wanted
Become a consultant for The Investment Network £40 For Sale
Perfect opportunity for mums! £1,800 For Sale
Businesses Wanted in Cornwall! £300,000 Wanted
Franchise Resale – Print and Design £36,000 For Sale
Fishing Lake for sale – Northern France £125,000 For Sale
Food/FMCG Retail franchise resale – Northern England £40,000 For Sale
Investment Available £100,000 Wanted
Shopping Centre, Colarado USA £925,896 For Sale
Castle, Stoke on trent £3,000,000 For Sale
Micro Brewery £24,000 For Sale
Freehold Pub wanted London £3,000,000 Wanted
Pub Shropshire £135,000 For Sale
Petrol station, County Kerry Ireland £251,000 For Sale
Small Hotel Birmingham £1,200,000 For Sale
Recruitment agencies wanted – CVA £60,000 Wanted
Football Club, South Staffs £375,000 For Sale
Facilities Businesses required CVA £140,000 Wanted
SW London Kebab House £93,000 For Sale



If you would like full information on any of these opportunities please contact The Investment Network or request a call back.

BT & EE Merger – My Take

So BT have acquired EE in a deal worth £12bn. Why is it a big deal? Why am I unhappy about it?

OK there is a lot of convergence being talked about within the UK mobile markets. I have been in and out of the UK mobile phone market for the past 11 years, several times. This can be a good thing. I am looking forward indeed to 3’s proposed takeover of O2.  But lets get back to EE and BT. I am not the only one to have had a large number of run-in’s with BT over the years both professionally and personally. I know of a large number of people who feel the same. Customer service is non existent and they seem to make bills up out of thin air as a matter of habit. Professionalism seems to be a dirty word within BT, the mantra being our way or no way. On a professional level a large number of BT staff that I have come into contact with over the years seem to think that an attitude that holds up that 1970’s scourge of British industry, Red Robbo as an idol is an acceptable attitude to have in modern business. This will not do.

Once BT get their claws on EE they will decimate the organisation. I have known EE since they days when they were called one2one and have been a client since. They don’t always get it right but bless their cotton socks. They really do try and generally speaking their staff are an absolute pleasure to deal with and will try and go that extra mile when they need to. It is the EE workers I feel sorry for. They will be pushed into a 1970’s time warp and they will feel the pain. I think a lot of the younger workers will become quickly disenfranchised and leave the organisation fairly swiftly for new challenges because they will not want is to have to deal with the silliness and bureaucracy of senior BT management. They will not tolerate it. BT are specialists at flushing customer service down the toilet at every level of the organisation.

I have long vowed never to deal with BT as my blood pressure is high enough already. BT have this as a widely held reputation hanging over their heads. I telephoned EE yesterday to discuss cancelling my contract with them for this very reason. Normal;ly I am on hold for a shade over 5 minutes when I call EE and need to speak to a human being. This time I was holding for 30 minutes and I know the reason why. I am not the only one who cannot abide BT. I heard from one of my sources that EE were handling over 1,000 calls an hour yesterday about contract cancellations in the light of the takeover. I really hope BT have shot themselves in the foot on this one.