Monthly Archives: December 2013

The return of an old challenge

About 18 months ago I tried to replace a briefcase full of kit with a tablet device. You can read more that here. Well I am going to try and repeat the challenge in a weeks time. The one thing I am lacking is a decent video editing app for Android. Anyone got any bright ideas. I’m taking a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 and a Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone. The only kit I will be carrying is 2 memory sticks a notepad and my wallet and passport. The idea is to ditch the briefcase. On another note has anyone sucesfully rooted a Galaxy Tab 3 with Cyanogen yet?

Setting Targets

2013 has for the most part been a pretty crap year for me. What ever could go wrong did indeed seem to go wrong. Health issues, clients going bust, dodgy clients and few other things to boot. The good thing about the gap between Christmas and New Year is the fact that its so quiet at work. This is good because it gives me a chance to do some planning and set some targets for 2014. I thought I would use this post to share a few of these targets. 1) Health. Target: only 6 sick days in 2014. 2) Smoking. Try and give up by the end of the year. 3) Wheels. Range Rover Evoque or Audi Q7 to be ordered by year end. Work 1) Double the size of the business. 2) Grow The Investment Network and get 100,000 visits to the website. 3) Sell the large systems consultancy. 4) Get new offices.