Annual awards

Annual awards are very of the moment, are they not? Every organisation has them. There’s car of the year, boat of the year businessman of the year, business woman of the year, even condom of the year! So in on the same note, I have decided to do the same and dish out my own Read more about Annual awards[…]

Network Rail

As some of you may know I live quite close to a railway line. Every 2 months or so I get kept awake by engineers working on the tracks usually with heavy machinery. I have taken Network Rail to task in the past for failing the basic communications test of letting people know before you Read more about Network Rail[…]

Security is a wonderful thing! Please let me burgle your house!

Adobe, a very large and successful computer software company had their systems hacked most recently. Nothing new in that companies get hacked every day. There are even occasions when they try and hack me. On this occasion information on over 150 million users was stolen and some of it posted online! According to the BBC Read more about Security is a wonderful thing! Please let me burgle your house![…]

Blackberry Messenger on Android

So Blackberry Messenger has been available on the Android operating system through the Play Store for just over a week now. Over the weekend I have been paying attention to battery life on my tablet.I have noticed that my battery is not lasting a day I have noticed that BBM is draining the battery and Read more about Blackberry Messenger on Android[…]

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