I have an online stalker!!!!

As many of you will know I own or operate on behalf of others a large number of websites. On all of these sites I operate Google Analytics. Doing some trawling of the statistics for a report I had to compile, it would seem I have an online stalker!

From a town in Warwickshire using a telecoms provider beginning with V is someone who has a) visited every website I either own or operate b) made over 130 visits to these sites in total, c) spent at least 3 minutes per visit per site d) visited an average of 4 pages per visit and e) from those sites that sell products – never bought anything!

I love Google Analytics for the rich picture of visitors that it brings and the ability I have to change my strategy on the fly based on the statistics or advise clients to do similar. However when you find stuff out like this it is a little scary.

Has anyone who reads this had any similar problems? I would like to know!

Does This Exist – Technology

I have been creating a small infrastructure stack on and off this week on one of my Linux boxes to bring all of my infrastructure into a private cloud capable of looking after personal affairs and some business affairs as well. So far I have document management, file management, WordPress management, email and good few other items sorted. All of this kit is free open source software licensed under GPL and runs nicely on one of my web servers. However one nice to have piece of kit is alluding me. What I am after is a free platform for Forex trading and stock market information. Does this even exist? Google and SourceForge have not been much use so far. So my big question is does the stuff I am after actually exist? Many thanks in advance to all!

Unite The union – Now you are taking the mickey!

Yet again I am amazed by the brass neck of Unite The Union. I wish to thank The Daily Mail for bringing this little gem to my attention.

The article describes a left wing teaching pack drawn up by Unite and the teaching unions showing teachers how to teach children my daughters age how to strike, show dissent to their elders and betters and much much more. This is wrong.

Len McCluskey and his organisation have been disruptive enough to me over the years, I suspect Len and his cronies won’t remember the amount of times his Striking members who are also British Airways employees left me stranded at some airport and unable to get home to read my daughter a bedtime story. I certainly remember the swipe card Fiasco, Len!

Lets review an exceprt from the pack:

  • “When they fail, lesson plans prepared by Unite urge teachers to think about how they might make protests more threatening.
  • Children are asked to think of ‘five things you could do to push the protest further.’
  • They are then urged to make their own placards and ‘consider emotive language used to write letters of complaint’.
  • Unite also recommends that ‘teachers may wish to create a display of finished protest placards’.
  • Incredibly, the union also wants children to undermine the authority of their headteachers.
  • Staff following Unite’s guidance should ask pupils to ‘Think of anything that is unfair in your school. Does anyone make the rules to suit themselves?’”

As a father of a six year old daughter I am more than incensed by this move.I take a very close interest in education these days and actually do care about it as a subject. School teaching is being dumbed down every day no doubt by the teaching unions. In my opinion Ofsted do not seem to have enough power. It seems to me that every time one of Len McCluskey’s cronies, Christine Blowjob Blower  opens her mouth she undermines education governance in this country. How dare they try and influence children in this country in this way. Most children are being incorrectly taught anyway without this. Why not implore teachers to teach correctly in the first place.

Indeed in view of this I implore all teachers to do something constructive with the teaching time that this waste of space teaching pack will take up, such as teaching pupils 100 popular sentences in Swahili, a far more useful and important life skill.

I must pop in a small note to Ewell Grove School. Your school is one whose teaching I am totally unimpressed with. If I ever find out one of your staff has shown my daughter this material, I will, without fail ensure that all members of your staff and governing body will a) be dismissed and b) never get another job again. Including flipping burgers in McDonalds! You have been warned.

Why do I hate Ed Balls so much?

I was asked at the weekend why I tell so many jokes about Ed Balls, Nick Clegg and The Milliband Brothers. Lets deal with Ed Balls First I shall talk about the rest of them in further blogs. Firstly lets deal with one Misconception. My dislike for Mr Balls is NOT because of his stammer. I know of plenty of good people with a stammer and there are some of those I do indeed like and respect. No the reason I hate Ed Balls is because of the amount of pure unadulterated crap he spouts. It pains me when I am watching telly and he speaks on a programme. Every word that comes out of his mouth is complete and utter rubbish in my opinion. The other thing is that he keeps on going presumably in the vain hope that he will impress someone other than the Miliband Brothers!. Please keep it short and sweet Ed! The only other people I have ever heard speak so much codswallop are Estate Agents and secondhand car salesmen! There we are I’ve said it and if you think thats bad, wait until I get round to the Miliband brothers and indeed Nick Clegg!

2 Months Later

So here we are two months later. I’ve endured two major operations (of which both wounds went septic!), l nearly died, had peritonitis, a collapsed lung and a stoma that was positioned right onto my skin, so every time it emptied itself, it felt like someone was squeezing lemon juice into an open wound. I’ve suffered some terrible neglect from certain nurses and seen unnecessary mental abuse to elderly patients. On top of all this, l watched an elderly lady in the next bed to me refuse food for two weeks and saw the nurses ignore it saying she was just being stubborn! Similar scrutiny by these oh so caring nurses has meant l’ve left hospital two stone lighter! Now let me ask you a question, do you think it’s acceptable to put two suicidal patients who had stabbed themselves and were being guarded by psychiatric nurse’s for 24 hours, on a ward with surgical patients? Also, do you think it’s okay to allow an elderly senile patient to wonder the wards in the middle of the night, banging on windows and pulling back curtains that had been pulled around beds, shouting out for her husband, whilst the frightened night nurse is stood in the corridor saying ” you really needed to go back to your room now”!!!! l would like to offer anyone who has been treated badly in hospital, the following advice; Complain to the ward matron! They all have one and they will deal with any complaints. I complained once and the nurse in question was reprimanded!I was amazed! Remember! You are their customer and customer service still applies. If you booked into a hotel and was treated badly, would you complain? I’m sure you would, but this isn’t a hotel, it’s a hospital and it’s your health and life at stake. If these people don’t want to look after patients, then they should go and work at a supermarket, staking shelves. Nursing should be a vocation, not just a wage at the end of the month! I have been to hell and back at that hospital and sincerely wish anyone about to be treated there, my heartiest good luck. There is much more I can write and will write when I feel better.

The Latest Twitter Abuse Scandal – My Opinion!

So a number of people have been abused wrongly in my opinion on the Twitter website. I do feel for them. They should not have had to endure this. Simple. I do hope that in time these women are able to move on from this chapter in their lives. I have been in the technology trade since 1995 and have owned and operated a large number of websites since then. I have owned and operated a number of sites that are open to members to post both opinion and fact amongst other things. People posting libelous statements and making defamatory posts on internet boards is nothing new. It has been going on since the internet was invented. I have always recognised that I have a duty of care to members of my websites. There have been a also been a number of high profile court cases around defamation and libelous posting on internet boards. I proactively moderate my sites and take a robust no nonsense “moderate first and think later” approach to protect members and subscribers some of whom pay money to use these sites. Whilst I am proactive I am amazed at the lack of proactivity from other operators. I note that UK MD of Twitter has apologised to the women in question and rightly so. My big question is why were they not doing more sooner? This is not a new problem. It is a problem that will never go away. I have been dealing with it since 1995. There is no silver bullet option. Bottom line. The Courts have already stated countless times that website owners and operators have a duty of care towards members and subscribers and in certain cases are meant to shield their members from such abuse. Simple all work to together to sort this mess out.