Sealine Boats

I was very sorry to learn earlier today that Sealine the boatbuilders had gone into administration. As someone sho can proudly list “mucking about with boats” as one of his hobbies, I have known about Sealine and their work for a number of years, several of their smaller vessels spring to mind. Indeed I am still in the market for an S240 instead of a Fairline Targa 29 which I cannot afford!

It is a sad day unfortunately the smaller boats have been out of production a long time as manufacturers seem to prefer bigger margins from fewer sales of much larger craft some of these costing the buyer over £1 million.

This does mean that the purveyor of the smaller craft gets squeezed out with less competition and fewer options to call on. I am sorry that such an iconic boatbuilder appears to be no more. I do hope someone snaps them up.

Now if the Administrators are reading this and they want to let the S240 moulds go cheap, coupled with someone offering manufacturing space, a few good hands and a stack of Volvo Penta engines going cheap, all coming along at once! I am sure this would lead to me reaching for the capable combination of Bank Manager, Lawyer, Accountant, Spreadsheets and Marketing Plan!

Alas I think I may just have to say farewell to Sealine and remember the many hours of fun I had aboard their craft.

For now. RIP Sealine!


08 Telephone Numbers – A Clarification

Please note that owing to coat levels from a mobile phone I do return calls to numbers beginning with 08 for example 0845, 0800 0870 etc. If you wish me to contact you and use these numbers you must either provide a mobile number or a geographic fixed line number for example a number beginning with 01 or 02. There are no exceptions to this.

How Starbucks lost a valued customer

starbucksphoto1 Visited my local Starbucks an hour ago. Usually the source of a good latte. However this one I was quite disgusted with. Look at the photo below. I know they now like to ask for your name at Starbucks and that most of their staff cannot spell any name let alone my own correctly. But this is taking the outright piss. I was with my 6 year old daughter who now knows the word cunt. This is improper behaviour from a major multinational company. You might not like your customers but this is not the way to go about expressing your views be that of an employee or a corporate standpoint. I use Starbucks for meetings when i’m on the road quite a lot. I will tell you now that for this function you are being replaced by Costa Coffee! Final word of advice Starbucks! Customers vote with their wallets!

Child Support Agency

I am in the middle of a long running battle with the Child Support Agency. I am also contunially baffled by the way they operate. For example what other organisation routinely ignores letters and fails to respond, especially a government organisation? What agency also routinely ignores legal documents and expects just to jump when they say so? They hide behind a well manufactured front, are famed for their idiocy and incompetence and claim everything is someone elses fault, even when they things completely wrong. They also routinely claim that no one is accountable or responsible. I have written to them on several occasions requesting a response to points raised and never received a response despite knowing they received the letter. I have issued a number of Subject Access Notices, each of which they have ignored, despite me having proof they received them. Why this agency wasn’t scrapped a long time ago is beyond me. I surely cannot be only one that believes that there is an abundance of cocaine snorting going on at CSA offices up and down the country because believe you me the staff act as if they are habitual drug users. The only 2 other bodies in the whole government structure that I can think of that are more incompetent than the CSA are Nick Clegg and Ed Balls!  

Metropolitan Police

The other day I was waiting outside my local station for someone to arrive and meet me after getting off a train. I was astounded to see a marked police car pull up and park on double yellow lines without the blues and two’s blaring. This I believe is illegal. The occupants, 3 uniformed police officers then proceeded into Starbucks and after purchasing coffee, sat around for 5 minutes before returning to their car. I must be only one that is appalled by this behaviour. I am being asked to pay more money every year in taxes to pay their wages and this is how they waste the time I am paying for. They clearly were not interested in doing any work whilst on shift or if they were it clearly did not show. London is awash with criminals that police officers are employed to catch. Their wages are payed for by myself and others and yet this is the respect they show for their paymasters. You and me. I dont pay my own staff to sit in Starbucks all day long, so why should I pay for them to do so? Polite notice to these officers. I want more value for money. Catch more criminals and stop dossing in Starbucks! Oh and observe double yellow lines like the rest of us do.

Hotel Seattle Brighton

Lets face it, it is not very often I use these pages to laud exceptional service and I am more likely to lambast idiocy and poor service however it is time for a small change. On Friday I visited Brighton on business and stayed overnight the Seattle Hotel at Brighton Marina. This hotel is clean and tidy with great views over the marina and some of the most impressive customer service I have ever seen in 20 years of staying in hotels regularly whilst away on business. So it is time to say a very well done to this hotel. I will certainly stay there and use it for business meetings again. There is a high chance that it will be a very long time before I praise another business on these pages again, so lets be clear. The Seattle Hotel richly deserves this praise.