Well It Looks Like June 2017 Will Be Very Busy..

June is not usually a month to get too excited about unless the weather is exceptionally good.

This forthcoming June promises to be very busy however in the world of self hosted apps.

You see, I am getting notifications daily about updates scheduled for a June release, there is Nextcloud, (shouldn’t be too much in it, these guys have for now really nailed the updates process, which is a good thing!), then there is WordPress. WordPress have again got a really good handle on the updates process and it does work. Then there is a host of other stuff where I am hearing about forthcoming updates. So June 2017 will involve patching quite a number of web based apps. It is for this reason with regards to WordPress that I love InfiniteWP. It really is a great tool for managing WordPress Updates. You see, its not just the core update that  I have to concern myself.  It is the myriad of plugins and themes that I use. These will be all need to be updated after the core release. This isn’t just a WordPress issue though its an issue for every platform.

I don’t mins spending time keeping my infrastructure up to date. I really don’t. It is an important thing to do from a security standpoint and also with every major update is usually a good new feature or good update to an existing feature. I am happy about this believe me. I just wish there weren’t so many in one month!