Pub For Sale Leicestershire – Leasehold

On behalf of my office, The P2 Set I am  delighted to offer to market a delightful pub and guest house in North Leicestershire.

The Lounge and bar trade well and the property has 20 parking spaces an outdoor area with smoking solution, 8 letting rooms and 2 bedroom owners accommodation.

The pub is free of tie.

Strictly Confidential Sale.

Leasehold £50,000

Prospectus and financial information in office now.

Please click here to go to the office website for more information.

The July 2016 update

So whats been happening? Workwise: Well the July edition of The P2 List has just been published you can get it here: [Download not found]. I am enjoying the publishing side. I just need to automate it a bit more 🙂 I am now developing some new products and services, the first of these will be available shortly. The P2 Set has a quite a few new opportunities on offer. Personally, well for the time being I have avoided a credit card splurge on the catawiki website – check out their modern classic auction if you are a petrol head, there are some lovely cars on there. I finally managed to get my home office remodelled, all it now needs is a wide screen telly and an xbox 🙂 I also refitted my private cloud and it is working very well indeed. Health issues have become a problem and I am now working mostly from home. Osteo arthritis and this sod have seen to that amongst other things health related which I do not wish to discuss here. 🙁 I have space for some new business opportunities and some non exec and trustee work. On another note I am having a goood giggle at all the chaos this little matter of brexit has caused. This blog has now been running for four years and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers.

An Update – May 2016

So What has been happening recently? Workwise The new magazine is out now. I have started a new podcast channel that is in its infancy here. Both of these projects have been great fun to do and please do look out for more soon. I have also started to develop two new products, these should be ready by August. I currently have some room for new projects such as consultancy and business development. I also have room for a few new investments. Please use the form below to contact me if this is of any interest. I am looking forward to Project Retail 2018 taking more shape soon J Lastly I am looking for regional representatives, please click here for more information. Personally This little brute is getting worse as is the hearing loss and the osteoarthritis and this little lot has thrown up some other nasty health related stuff which I shall not speak more about on this post. Its been a busy but good few months and I also note that it is nearly 4 years since I started this blog in June 2012. In that time there have been nearly 36,000 unique visitors and I have made nearly 200 posts. What started as an exercise to get me to write better has both succeeded and become a bit of a hobby. I do enjoy writing here. You can see all 200 posts by clicking here. It has also been good fun. Thats its for now! Thank you all for reading 😀            

The P2 List magazine

The P2 List is a monthly magazine written by my business, The P2 Set. In June 2016 edition are over 200 business and property opportunities either on brokerage or advertised by the business on behalf of clients. The total value of these opportunities is just over €400 million. There are also some good quality features in this edition, including top tips for buyers of lifestyle businesses. I also discuss possible effects of “brexit” on the business brokerage in a very wide context.

To read this months edition, please click here

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Towards One Office

For many years my business interests have comprised of a number of small brands. Recently I have been divesting of many of these. Why? Well the answer is simple. I am not getting any younger and certain changes both commercial and personal around the place mean I have less time on my hands. So it is time to leave certain things behind and merge other interests into the umbrella of my private office. I look forward to being able to share more with you all soon.