Now Come On Amber Love…

The Amber Rudd I am referring to is of course the UK Home Secretary. At the weekend she said that terrorism was been spread by Whatsapp Messenger amongst other popular messaging apps. Quite a few of these I can accept but to bring WordPress into it is starting to get silly in my opinion. Now Read more about Now Come On Amber Love…[…]

WordPress Development Required For New Project

I require a WordPress developer to work on a commercial registration and matching plugin for a project that is starting in April 2017. Applicants or their companies must have previous experience of developing similar systems. References will be required. This is a fixed price piece of work. I have a full requirements specification available on Read more about WordPress Development Required For New Project[…]

New web hosting provider required

I require a new hosting provider to provide hosting for the following stack. 3 X wordpress sites 1 x Owncloud instance 1 x Pydio instance 1 x Piwik instance 1 x yetiforce instance 1 x mautic instance 1 x tinytiny RSS instance 1 x PHPList instance 13 email addresses 1 x phpprojeckt instance Approx 60 Read more about New web hosting provider required[…]

Well I missed a big trick there then!

Since 2011 my CMS (Content Management Solution) weapon of choice has been WordPress. It has developed well in to the mature CMS it is today that is loved by both myself and many, many others. At one point I had more than 40 instances of WordPress on the go. Today there are only eight. At Read more about Well I missed a big trick there then![…]

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