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Talks and Presentations and Press Clippings

There is a new section on this website called Presentations and Talks. Where able to do I will be posting slideshows and videos from presentations I have given. I will also post some of my press clippings on this page. Please check back for more additions shortly.


Joomla is a user-friendly content management system (CMS) with a huge range of features. The software is database-driven and is ideal for groups or teams developing, managing and editing web content without technical knowledge.

Features include editable and manageable news, products and services sections, a built-in banner manager and the ability to publish and categorise information easily.

With a vast array of modules, components, plugins and languages available, you can customise and enhance your Joomla CMS to your specific requirements. You can work with a variety of content types including images, video, articles, news and much more.