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Update Early January 2018

As usual the period between Christmas and New Year was very busy with new enquiries for the businesses I have for sale and the businesses I have available. I am also delighted to announce that a number of new businesses and business opportunities will be coming to market on these pages in the coming days and weeks.

The office is now fully operational after the holiday season and all tickets have been cleared.

There is some underlying work being carried out on the websites and there may be some very small pockets of downtime. This will not affect Virtual Office.

After 2017 I am looking forward to a busy 2018.


I will be in Ireland week commencing 22/01/2018. I have space for meetings in Derry, Dublin, Galway and Cork.

I will be attending Spring Fair at the NEC, Birmingham on 5th and 6th February. I have some space for meetings either at the NEC or in the Birmingham area on these dates.


  • DealNet is welcoming new members.
  • Weekly Deals is back. Please click here for more information.
  • I have joined in with the Janaury Sales. Please click here for more information.
  • I have free advertising available in Weekly Deals. Please use the form below to contact me for more information.



A small update from me

So what has been happening recently?

Well two major things of note. The first is that the chancellor has backed down on his NIC rise for the self employed. This reduction in my cost base pleases me greatly. However I am disappointed in his timing as this did not leave me enough time to arrange a champagne lunch to celebrate! I haven’t had the reason to have a champagne lunch for quite some time and this would have been a good reason 🙁

What does remain to be seen is what he will do with taxation of the self-employed and when.

On another note, perusing the visitor logs for this site at quite a few points today I note a much  larger than usual number of visits from the NHS computer network. Some 200 visits in fact ( and this number is rising!). Obviously it is something I have said! Now bearing in mind that most of my NHS comments on here are less than complimentary and correctly so I am hoping that these people are starting to wake up and smell the coffee!

In other news it is business as usual here at the desk 🙂

Weekly Deals can be downloaded here:  Weekly Deals 15/03/2017

Update 18/02/2017

Well the usual health related stuff has actually kept me out of hospital since my last update. Things have been reasonably busy too, I shall be sharing a lot more about some business developments in the next few weeks. I am also finally managing to change some working methods for the better so it does not matter if I am only able to work 2 days in a week or 4. 5 day /40 hour plus working has not been possible for a while but things are stitching together nicely.  My February pilgrimage to Birmingham did not go according to plan and I found Spring Fair far too quiet for my liking with a brought on decent leads to be had. This is down to the unpredictable way things are in the world right now. It is disappointing to have what feels like a wasted trip though.

My main trip to Ireland was cancelled for a number of reason, however I did manage to get a “flying” visit of 24 hours in to Dublin to sort out some issues and “bang some heads together. I should be heading out for a week during March 2017.

The weekly deals newsletters are now going from strength to strength with readership growing every week.

Thats all for now folks! 🙂

February 2017 Update

So whats been happening recently? Well its been fairly quiet, but that has been of my own volition. Usual health related stuff and spending more time than I would like inside hospitals has mean’t that business has taken a small back seat recently. I have recently launched the weekly deals newsletter, the next issue should be published by tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing readership of this grow this year! My twice yearly “enforced” pilgrimage to the Birmingham NEC is next week for Spring Fair. I am looking forward to it and still have some space available for meetings at the exhibition. The week after I will be Ireland on business. I will be visiting Belfast, Dublin and possibly Cork before high tailing it back to Birmingham for the franchise expo. Again I have some space for meetings so please feel free to contact me if you would like to arrange a meeting.    

Weekly Update 11/10/2016


So what has been happening? It has been a week or 2 since my last weekly update. I am currently in the process of selecting a new car. I have to say I am liking the Nissan Juke, though the Nissan Cashqai may prove to be the winner for practical reasons.

It was pleasing to hear of a former business associate being made bankrupt, we had a champagne lunch here to celebrate. Unfortunately this individual is still trading 🙁

In other personal news, the change in weather has been playing havoc with my osteo arthrititis and it is no fun walking any distance.

On a personal note, it looks like crossrail 2 will pass very close to home and neccesitate a house move within the next 2-3 years which will be a shame, a bigger shame may be having to leave the Raynes Park and Wimbkedon area.

A new restaurant has opened up close to here a review is here.


On the business front. I am after car park Europe Wide for a client. I am also looking for development sites and sites suitable for retail.

I expect to have a small but charming shopping centre in the North of England available by the end of the week. Guide Price £2.8 million.

I have demand for clients for retail aites throughout Europe.

Website and publishing.

There have been a few changes to this website recently. I hope the regular readeers like them.

There will be a full edition of The P2 List available in December 2016. You can read more about my advertising deals here.

I also have some spaces for guest content please get in touch if you would llike to write content for this edition.

The October edititons of The London Special and The Pubs Special will be available in the next week.

I have a free to enter competition here.

Special Offers can be found here.

With kindest Regards