There will be a fatal incident soon and it will be all YOUR fault!

Yes you! Yes you! You who cannot commute properly. You who twalk – the art of texting while walking down the street. You who ride a bloody Brompton bike where you shouldn’t You who walk down thee street watching a movie on your iPad You who listen to crap music from silly oversized headphones that Read more about There will be a fatal incident soon and it will be all YOUR fault![…]

Network Rail

As some of you may know I live quite close to a railway line. Every 2 months or so I get kept awake by engineers working on the tracks usually with heavy machinery. I have taken Network Rail to task in the past for failing the basic communications test of letting people know before you Read more about Network Rail[…]

Its only snow!

Is it me or am I the only one dismayed by the poor level of service displayed by train companies during this snowy weather. Special timetables, trains not running, trains delayed, trains cancelled mid journey with no explanation and much more. This sort of thing dosen’t happen on mainland Europe. Its only snow get used Read more about Its only snow![…]

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