Time does fly when you are having so much fun. 🙂 Many regular readers will be very much aware that I have had a number of issues with online stalkers, in fact at one point I had five of them! All at once too! Well I might be chancing my luck by publicising the fact, Read more about Stalkers[…]

Yet Another Stalker

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, another online stalker has presented themselves, this time all the way from Tanzania, yes, I have checked and this is definitely not a search engine robot. I have checked. Within 20 minutes of posting an update on this suite this visitor pipes up, to very update. So in addition to stalkers Read more about Yet Another Stalker[…]

Alll the way from Ashburn, Virginia :)

That’s somewhere in the USA for the majority of my readers who are based in the soon to be ex European Union 🙂 From Wikipedia History Ashburn was originally called Farmwell (variant names include Old Farmwell and Farmwell Station) after a nearby mansion of that name owned by George Lee III. The name “Farmwell” first Read more about Alll the way from Ashburn, Virginia 🙂[…]

Stalker Updates

Long time readers of this blog will know that I have had an online stalker for quite some time. In fact they have been really good recently and I have not had too much from them in recent months. As I have mentioned previously I know who this individual is and I will not name Read more about Stalker Updates[…]

Stalker part 2

Some of you with long memories will remember this from last year. Well I thought it had subsided but no it appears my stalker is back bringing huge amounts of traffic to all of my sites over the past few days. I love website analytics for the rich picture it gives me about website visitors, Read more about Stalker part 2[…]

I have an online stalker!!!!

As many of you will know I own or operate on behalf of others a large number of websites. On all of these sites I operate Google Analytics. Doing some trawling of the statistics for a report I had to compile, it would seem I have an online stalker! From a town in Warwickshire using Read more about I have an online stalker!!!![…]

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