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My Favourite Hospital Gets Its Comeupance At Last

So I am sitting watching the BBC London news in my man cave/office, when the subject of St Georges Hospital in Tooting comes up. I listen intently. It  appears they have been now rated inadequate by the Care Quality Commision failing on leadership and safety and that special measures have been recommended for improvement.

Many readers will be aware of my failing health, many readers will be aware that I have written fequently about my run ins with this hospital and its staff. I feel that this judgement is a long time coming and a case of a little too late. I have been saying that St Georges is crap for years.

I am however grateful to the Care Quality Commision for their report and would like to take this opportunity to invite the inspectors involved in the creation of this report to lunch to thank them for their dilligence.

Now maybe St Georges will get to a position where it is not routinely putting lives at risk as they do so frequently. Remember St Georges, I have a lot of evidence of this.

Indeed hopefully soon South West Londons’ residents of failing health will soon start to receive the hospital that they deserve and desperately need.

Do you know david?

Do you know David?

If you do then I feel sorry for you. The David in question is a Doctor David Selvadurai. He is an ENT consultant at St Georges Hospital. Though some research suggests he doesn’t give a care in the world for his NHS patients and would rather spend time touring the many private hospitals he works at and collecting fat fees. I have never before met such an arrogant, rude and dismissive individual who refuse to answer simple straight direct questions. Both his manner and method are absolutely deplorable.

St Georges Hospital in Tooting have made real strides recently after several run-ins I had with them in 2013 owing to shocking levels of care and poor treatment. Hell, on a visit yesterday I even saw a cleaner actually doing some cleaning and doing a good job of it!

I seriously hope that Dr Selvadurai just slipped through the HR departments net and this is just a one off as opposed to a return to employing absolute idiots who do not deserve to have a job at that hospital or even a job as a burger flipper in MacDonald’s for that matter. Some may argue that Dr Seladurai should just stick to private patients. My personal opinion is that he dosent even deserve a job at MacDonald’s

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting this person, in my opinion you should do as I am doing now and avoid him like the plague.

I played life’s health lottery and lost!

My friends and family often ask me how I contract and what is Fibromyalgia, Myalgic Encephalopathy and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It’s like asking what’s the meaning of life! Is so complicated that I decided to write how it effected me instead.

I played life’s health lottery and lost! I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Myalgic Encephalopathy and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (FMS, CFS/ME) after a long period of going back and forth to the doctors. You didn’t know how sick I was, you called me a hypochondriac behind my back. I hope by reading this it will give you an understanding into my world.

My life has changed dramatically, I don’t really understand it myself, so I will try my best to explain to you how my body has changed and how some things that have never affected me before do now.

Below is just a very short view into part of my world.

FMS is not the latest craze in diseases. In fact, it isn’t a disease at all. It’s known as chronic rheumatism, myalgia and fibrosis. Unlike diseases, syndromes do not have a known cause, but they do have a specific set of signs and symptoms which, unfortunately for the patient, take place together. Other syndromes in this little group include rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

The many physical and emotional problems associated with FMS are NOT psychological in origin. Trust me, this is not an “all in your head” disorder.

Fibromyalgia is a common condition characterized by severe long-term pain and tender points in joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Fibromyalgia has also been linked to fatigue, morning stiffness, sleep problems, headaches, numbness in hands and feet, depression the list goes on and on.

I think I can pin point when this could have started. Thinking back it must have been my 2 months stint in St Georges Hospital in 2013 when I had a perforated bowl. The consultants say that this kind of trauma can lead to Fibromyalgia.

My pain is not caused by inflammation. I work a fulltime job with my pain, I don’t know what each day will bring as I don’t know where my pain will be i.e. Today it is in my shoulder, but tomorrow it may be in my legs or even in my arms/hands. Sometimes I feel as if it`s my whole body. My pain is believed to be caused by improper signals sent to the brain. It is not well understood, but it is real.

My fatigue – I am sometimes not merely tired, I am in a state of exhaustion. I may want to go out and do normal things, like going to the cinema, or the pub or just going for a walk, but I can’t. Please do not take this personally, it isn’t because I don’t want to. I am, most likely, paying the price for stressing my muscles beyond their capability.

My forgetfulness – Those of us who suffer from it call it fibrofog. I may not remember what I promised to do for you, even though you told me just seconds ago. We make a plan of action to get me through the day, remembering to think 10 steps ahead, but guess what, the fibrofog sometimes won’t let me do that.

My sensitivities – A number of things affect me but mostly odours and loud or high-pitched noises. FMS has been called the “aggravating everything disorder”. Loud bangs or unexpected noises make me jump, babies crying make me get up and leave a restaurant. Strong food smells make me want to be sick and then leave me with a headache. I really don’t stand it as these things have never bothered me before and it really frustrates me at times.

My intolerance – My internal thermostat is broken and can’t be fixed. I can’t stand heat or humidity. My hair is constantly wet because I sweat all the time, this is so embarrassing so please don’t point this out to me, trust me, I already know. Please don’t worry if I shake uncontrollably when it’s cold. I can’t tolerate the cold either, in fact it makes my pain worse when it’s cold. As I said, my internal thermostat is broken, it’s not my fault.

My depression – Yes, there are days when I would rather stay in bed or in the flat, pain can cause depression. Your concern and understanding is touching and is appreciated, yet snide remarks are not called for or welcomed. I will improve, I don’t know when, it might be something little that will bring me out of it. It’s not your fault and it’s not mine.

My sleepless nights – I don’t know how to switch my brain off, I have 100 and 1 things going around and around in my head, I worry about the slightest thing and lay in bed at night thinking about them.

Sleepy days – Some days I feel so tired, my body feels like lead, my whole body aches, I have no energy, even though I have been in bed all night, when I wake up I just want to go back to bed again, please understand it is not my choice, the choice has been taken away from me.

My stress – My body cannot handle stress. Stress makes my symptoms worse and can incapacitate me completely. I try to avoid stress but stress will not always leave me alone.

My weight – I may be overweight, but believe me, it is not by choice. My appetite is broken, and I’m struggling to cope with it, if only there was a magic pill. I don’t like my body like this and I can’t help the fact that I crave food all the time, I try my best but my best is not always good enough.

My good days – If you see me smiling and functioning normally, don’t assume I am well. I suffer from a chronic pain and fatigue illness with no cure. I can have my good days or weeks. In fact, the good days are what keep me going. I try to do what I can as I never know when the next flare will return.

My medication – I have had to try several cocktails of many different medications to help me get through the day, so please bear with me if I seem out of sorts, the meds cause all types of symptoms, i.e. sickness, headaches, drowsy, heart palpitations. Some meds can take up to 4 weeks to kick in but it only takes a few days for the side effects to kick in.

Cravings – Please don’t think I am being greedy, it’s not my fault it’s the side effects of my meds. I try to resist but sometimes it gives me pleasure to eat that biscuit in the cupboard, I try to have more control over the cravings and to eat healthy snacks but you always see me with my hand in the cookie jar.

Clumsy – I know there are days when you think I am cumbersome, I don’t want to be like this but my legs feel like they have been set in concrete and my hands painfully cramp up. Not my choice.

Dinner- The pain in my hands and legs don’t always allow me to prepare your dinner, this might seem a small thing to you but it’s a big thing to me. I love looking after you and preparing dinner for you, but it’s the pain stopping me. If I stand up for too long my legs scream out in pain and I have to go and sit down, I feel so useless.

I hope this gives you a little understanding into my world and how I have to cope on a daily basis with constant pain.

Annual awards

Annual awards are very of the moment, are they not? Every organisation has them. There’s car of the year, boat of the year businessman of the year, business woman of the year, even condom of the year! So in on the same note, I have decided to do the same and dish out my own annual awards. At this point I apologise for the fact that this post is more of an essay than a blog. Outstanding Excellence of the year award When I mentioned to a friend and colleague that I was writing this blog, he said he would not like to be mentioned on this one and also suggested that a few others involved might prefer not to be mentioned as well. So here goes. Earlier this year for various reasons I was right up against it and right in the whatsit. A number of colleagues in four different countries and a count of hundreds who will never know just how much help they have been came to my rescue and all in their own way made sure that everything that happened, just when it had to happen with the utmost of precision that is normally reserved for an accomplished orchestra playing its most challenging piece of music ever. This award is for every single one of those people involved even though they might not know it. Never before have I seen so much fall into place even when the chips are down. Thank you all so much. Car of the year Volkswagen Golf R32. What I did with this car cannot be discussed here. The police will want a chat. But its sticks to the road like s**t to a blanket and accelerates like Ed Balls backtracking when hes questioned by Jeremy Paxman. A well deserved award. A special mention goes to the Mercedes E-Class a from the point of view of being driven in one at high speed while highly stressed. Racetrack of the year The M1. With special thanks to the traffic police for leaving me be. I can say no more especially about the speeds I have taken this road at especially this year. Ever. Airline of the year Sod the cost, they are expensive but this one goes to Sky Work Airlines, based in Berne. Customer service simply does not come better. British Airways, please take note! Hotel of the year Hotel Baren Ostermundigen, Switzerland are the very worthy winners. Expensive but customer service is second to none. Ever. This is 2900 nights spent on hotel rooms worth of experience talking! Even The Dorchester in London is not as good as this! A special mention does go to Hotel Seattle in Brighton. Car hire Hertz win this one, especially when I got away with standing next to the fuel tank to cover the dent I put in a certain rental car at a certain airport! Well done! I can’t believe it award! This one goes to the co-operative organisation, especially Co-op bank! What were they thinking! I cried into my coffee award This has to go to Sealine going into administration. I did cry into my coffee when I saw this. Now reincarnated this was the end of a prolific boatbuilder as we knew them. Tech Kit Awards Customer Service, Lenovo. They are beating everyone else hands down at the moment. Software: Owncloud. A great private cloud alternative to the usual freemium services. Biggest disappointment: Apple. Going down the pan fast. Old values seem to be failing fast now. Hack: Cyanogen Mod: How to breathe new life into an old android tablet device! Pub of the year award Three winners this year. The Green Man in Ewell, my old stomping ground, for always being a great pub. The Mannor in Tooting for being so accommodating when I spent quite a bit of time there and my local. The Rose and Crown in Wimbledon Village for being a fantastic pub Corporate idiots award The Child Support Agency. When will you ever learn to talk properly, answer questions properly and honestly and stop talking to a script that makes you looks like a corporate version of the Goonies?! Plonkers of the year The Metropolitan Police officers who park on double yellow lines outside my local branches of Costa and Starbucks and lounge around usually for an hour or so when they should be arresting burglars and rapists. Laugh of the year This one is mostly deserved by UK Border Agency staff at Brussels Midi who asked me what the purpose of my trip to England was when I handed over my paperwork pone evening. I live in England you muppets! A special mention must go to the crowd behind me who gave me a standing ovation when I pointed this out to the relvant staff! Lifetime award for utter incompetence and complete spastication Its a bit premature to be giving out a lifetime award but this is so richly deserved. The winner is St Georges Hospital NHS Trust and each of its approximate 8,000 (according to its website) staff. Regular readers of my blog will know I have had a number of run in’s with this outfit over the past 12 months. Never before in my life have I come across a more incompetent organisation. Ever. From the chief executive to the most junior member of staff. Especially on Cavell Ward. Their only saving grace is the Marks and Spencer on the ground floor of the Grosvenor Wing and even their service is farcical! Indeed such is the level of stupidity and incompetence, more of which can be read here that I am concerned for the organisation’s future. Indeed I have already suggested on these pages that that the place be bulldozed for the good of the local community and replaced with well landscaped executive homes. Indeed it goes so far that I wonder and worry about the parents of each and every member of their 8,000 staff and am amazed that these parents never considered either contraception or abortion.Thats 16,000 parents to worry about! St Georges is that bad and as for cleanliness and data protection, well, don’t get me started. They are therefore the most worthy winners of this award.

Data Protection Breach

I was St Georges Hospital again yesterday – yes I know yawn! Its another rant about that lot. However this in its own right is as concerning as the last. We were in with the doctor in their office about 45 minutes. In that time the doctor left the room for between 5 and 8 minutes at a time. When she left in full view were medical records on her computer screen! She had failed to lock her computer using the ctrl-alt-del command every time! I could have done anything! Amended my records, deleted some of them or even read or amended someone else’s! This is a clear breach of the data protection act and basic information security principals! When I challenged the doctor about this all I got was a sheepish response and not an apology befitting a proper professional who was clearly incompetent with regard to patient confidentiality and information security even when I explained that at some NHS trusts such a blatant failure to keep patient information secure would be a disciplinary offence! Speaking as a technology professional I have worked in environments where I would be instantly dismissed if I failed to lock my screen on leaving my desk! How would you feel if your records were hacked because of this doctors incompetence? Yes I know I write a lot about the failings of this hospital but clearly in all aspects of managing and operating a hospital the management are clearly inept and out of their depth in my opinion. Also as I was walking through the labyrinth of corridors I once again could not help noticing how filthy the place was. This is a hospital it should be kept clean. Good polish cleaners in South London are not that expensive! I really wish St Georges Hospital would not give me so many excuses to blog about them and I apologise to readers of these pages for the amount of times I feel I have to justifiably blog about them. Maybe the Chief Executive and his senior team will wake up and smell the coffee this time?

2 Months Later

So here we are two months later. I’ve endured two major operations (of which both wounds went septic!), l nearly died, had peritonitis, a collapsed lung and a stoma that was positioned right onto my skin, so every time it emptied itself, it felt like someone was squeezing lemon juice into an open wound. I’ve suffered some terrible neglect from certain nurses and seen unnecessary mental abuse to elderly patients. On top of all this, l watched an elderly lady in the next bed to me refuse food for two weeks and saw the nurses ignore it saying she was just being stubborn! Similar scrutiny by these oh so caring nurses has meant l’ve left hospital two stone lighter! Now let me ask you a question, do you think it’s acceptable to put two suicidal patients who had stabbed themselves and were being guarded by psychiatric nurse’s for 24 hours, on a ward with surgical patients? Also, do you think it’s okay to allow an elderly senile patient to wonder the wards in the middle of the night, banging on windows and pulling back curtains that had been pulled around beds, shouting out for her husband, whilst the frightened night nurse is stood in the corridor saying ” you really needed to go back to your room now”!!!! l would like to offer anyone who has been treated badly in hospital, the following advice; Complain to the ward matron! They all have one and they will deal with any complaints. I complained once and the nurse in question was reprimanded!I was amazed! Remember! You are their customer and customer service still applies. If you booked into a hotel and was treated badly, would you complain? I’m sure you would, but this isn’t a hotel, it’s a hospital and it’s your health and life at stake. If these people don’t want to look after patients, then they should go and work at a supermarket, staking shelves. Nursing should be a vocation, not just a wage at the end of the month! I have been to hell and back at that hospital and sincerely wish anyone about to be treated there, my heartiest good luck. There is much more I can write and will write when I feel better.

Weekend Report

So I had a major operation on Friday night and I am now in the High Dependency Unit at St Georges Hospital in Tooting. I have been in pain ever since. At 1 am on Saturday morning Court talked to ICU and could not get a reasonable word out of them. He even had to explain to one doctor what a Post It Note is!. The most common phrases I hear in English from the staff usually very loudly are “I don’t know”, “its not my problem” or “it wasn’t me” and then that’s when they speak in English. When Court is here because he is restricted by visiting times he has to attempt to bully the staff into making me more comfortable, get me help and pain relief and help calm me down from my pain and stress levels. They even managed to cock up all my intravenous lines and leave me with a huge “bubble” in one arm. I can now only have pain relief orally. When I ask for painkillers the answer seems to be “morphine” now whats the question! (This post was ghost written by Court when I told him what to say when the staff were not looking. I do not have the energy to post myself right now.)      

The latest fuck up

I have not been allowed fluids since 11am this morning and the temperature has hit 32 degrees today and they forgot to give me any intravenous fluids. I finally went searching for an answer to why l hadn’t been taken down for my surgery at 5pm. Nobody at the nurses station could give me an answer until l saw one of my surgical team at the end of the corridor, l walked down to find out what was going on and was told that my surgery had been cancelled. The senior sister didn’t know l had been without fluids for 7 hours in this heat! I think St Georges are trying to get back in the papers for killing another patient due to dehydration! Keep going St Georges Hospital, you might make it a hat trick! PS: I had to call Court a number of times today to help me and he is so pissed off at the moment. Still he managed to make it halfway across London in a taxi in heavy traffic in under 25 mins! Expect his blog to be updated shortly. I’m still trying to find Derek the cabbies’ blog so I link to it and thank him for driving for so fast and finding short cuts we never knew existed 🙂

Two nights ago, a nurse called VAL had to change my stoma bag, l should explain that a stoma bag is a bag that collects excrement from the bowel after a major operation, non of the night nurses like to change these bags and will do everything to avoid changing them. She left me waiting for 45 minutes before changing the bag at which time l was screaming in pain as it had already been changed 5 times that day and the skin around the stoma resembled raw meat! (Imagine pouring acid on your skin and you would be close to the pain l felt), after 15 minutes of me crying out in pain she decided to give me some morphine for the pain. Two hours later the bag leaked again but instead of changing it, she patched it up with tape and did the same again an hour later when it leaked again. The first time it leaked the nurse just put a sheet over my bed to cover the stain from the leak, the second time it leaked she ignored it and at 6am when the bag leaked beyond repair, she left me lying in it until the day shift started work and left it to them to change it! Last night VAL was working again but thank god l didn’t have any problems with my stoma leaking but that is probably due to her waking me up every 1-2 hours to remind me to empty the bag. However, in my ward is a little old lady called Margaret who is 82 years old. Margaret was uncomfortable in her bed and couldn’t sleep, so she rang for a nurse to help move her up her bed. A little while later she rang again as she was still uncomfortable but the nurse told her to settle down as she was disturbing the rest of us. On my 3 trip to the bathroom last night l noticed that Margaret was distressed and asked her what was wrong, she said she was uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep but the nurses wouldn’t help her, in fact they had taken her bell from her so she couldn’t disturbed the nurse anymore. I went to the nurses station to say Margaret needed help and was told that she was just restless because she couldn’t sleep and to ignore her! Once again l would like to point out that this lady is 82 years old, we are in the middle of a heat wave, she doesn’t have a fan and is starting to show the first signs of bed sores! St Georges, the “Couldn’t give a dam” hospital!