Many Apologies

Lots of you have been in touch about an iisue that occurred yesterday on this website which resulted in a lot of posts of old content to various networks. This should not have happened it was my mistake, which was down to me not double checking an SQL script as I was in a hurry. Read more about Many Apologies[…]

Social Media and Networking Business For Sale

My client is selling a unique business that offers business services and events to start up and early stage businesses. Our clients events are very well attended and create excellent gross profit. The business has a strong subscriber base to its very attractive and well featured website which benefits from a very low bounce rate Read more about Social Media and Networking Business For Sale[…]

So what is #FindCourt all about then?

Hashtag #FindCourt is a little game I have been playing recently on social media for a little bit of fun. What happens is this. I take slightly obscure photograph when I am out and about and my followers if they want to play have to guess the correct location and reply onsocial media with the Read more about So what is #FindCourt all about then?[…]

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