The lovely Eunice!!!!

Today is focused on a lady called Unis, a nurse of outstanding care and attention of her patients and the up most respect for her colleagues . . . NOT! She marches onto the ward with all the pomp and regalia of a peacock and barks orders and insults at the patients. She has delusion of grandeur and belittles her colleagues openly. This woman has no empathy whatsoever and as far as l’m concerned should never been issued a nursing license. She will tell us that we are disturbing her if we ask for anything and insists the student nurses do the jobs she feels are below her, even if they say they don’t know what they are doing. There is a patient here with three stomas and the bags need to be changed before eating or drinking anything in the morning. UNIS refuses to acknowledge the urgency of changing the stoma bags (as they are full of excrement and feels she is to good for that job!) and leaves it to the last job of the morning after getting people out of their beds and changing them, this leaves her very dry to the extent of fainting as she has lost a lot of fluid from her body over night due to the stoma.