In praise of Piwik

Piwik is a cool tool that for me replaced Google Analytics as my website monitoring tool of choice at the weekend after Google decided that they did not want to provide me with any useful data anymore. Piwik now monitors all my websites and produces far better data and reports than Google Analytics ever did. I used to have a selection of complex spreadsheets to take data from Google Analytics and manipulate the data to produce the information and reports that I and my clients wanted. Not any more, they are now available straight out of the box. After Google admitted that they were hiding keyword data I could not even rely on the data they provided. Now I and my clients can have absolute confidence in the data. Thank you Piwik!

Stuck On Crutches For Two Weeks So Far!

A fortnight ago I managed to tear almost every ligament and tendon in my foot and ankle. Not good 🙁 When it happened, during the working day and between client visits I visited St Thomas’ Hospital in London and presented myself at A&E. What a professional outfit. In and out in 2.5 hours and seen by professional people who knew what they were doing on the whole and now I seem to be on the mend.They were quick methodical and communicative. I was in pain and could hardly walk and they sorted it out. Why am I writing this. Well as many readers of this blog will know I have been involved with long running battles with St Georges Hospital in Tooting. You can read more here and here. So the big reason I write this is to highlight what a disgrace St Georges Hospital is to healthcare services in London. Quick note to St Georges, why don’t you go and see these other hospitals and learn some lessons? This is not the first time I have lambasted your service in favour of another NHS trust is it?