Discontinuation – A growing trend in self hosting

Self hosting sites and services relies on a number of different tools and services to be successful. More than that it requires integrations between tools to be available and to work properly. You see, a ton of services big and small come together to make a solution work. There is a host of stuff that Read more about Discontinuation – A growing trend in self hosting[…]

Now Come On Amber Love…

The Amber Rudd I am referring to is of course the UK Home Secretary. At the weekend she said that terrorism was been spread by Whatsapp Messenger amongst other popular messaging apps. Quite a few of these I can accept but to bring WordPress into it is starting to get silly in my opinion. Now Read more about Now Come On Amber Love…[…]


Rainloop? What? Sounds like something from a 1990’s rave dosen’t it. Fear not, we are not returning to the 1990’s. The rainloop in question is a very good web based email client I have been using for the past few weeks. Rainloop is a very fast, very secure and highly configurable web based email client. Read more about Rainloop[…]

Let Us Talk Laverna….

Laverna, I hear you say? Sounds like a posh restaurant doesn’t it? Fear not. I am not turning into the next Fay Maschler! ┬áThe Laverna I am talking about is a nifty self hosted note taking app. I have been searching for a self hosted alternative to the highly regarded and very long standing Evernote Read more about Let Us Talk Laverna….[…]

Self Hosted Apps. Why Am I A Fan?

I have been running self apps for years, including some “bastardisations” of popular apps, especially WordPress and Joomla, mainly acting as corporate intranets. These can be a nice solution if you are in a hurry to deploy and intranet by the way. Any way as is nearly usual for me for a Friday night. I Read more about Self Hosted Apps. Why Am I A Fan?[…]

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