Facebook has an almighty problem, so what is it?

Some of my friends who are still in the IT sector might pop up with answers such as usability or security. Some others might say its the targetted advertising. No I have found a more serious problem, that of common sense. You see for the second time in under 6 months Facebook has blocked has Read more about Facebook has an almighty problem, so what is it?[…]

Popularity Huh?

I do like popularity. I like being popular. I think. May be I do not like popularity?I like lots and lots of traffic to my websites. However and this is a big however I do not like people stalking me. It does skew the figures somewhat and it is annoying having to go therough this Read more about Popularity Huh?[…]

Right you lot i’m back

Some of you may remember me from way back. My name is Swiss and some of you will remember my alleged demise after being captured by the plod at Malaga Airport. They are bastards them Spanish police, but you can’t keep a good knife down. I may have changed colour but because of some clever Read more about Right you lot i’m back[…]

Indroducing “Swiss”

Right you lot my name is Swiss or Mr Swiss Army-Knife and I live in the bag that serves as Court’s mobile office with my mates SD Card and Memory-Stick. Here is a piccy of me outside my gaff. And here is a piccy of me chilling with my homies: Why am I sharing all Read more about Indroducing “Swiss”[…]

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