The NHS Identity Scandal – My Take

Is a logo really worth it?

What is wrong with the NHS Logo?

Well according to an article in the Telegraph quite a lot. Link here.

According to this article NHS Trusts have to change all their stationery and signs because of what in my opinion is a stupid dikat by NHS ”identity managers”. The NHS “lozenge” has to be moved to be above the trust name instead of beside it.

To quote the telegraph “The measure has been introduced by the “NHS identity team” following 1,000 interviews and 28 focus groups with members of the public. It follows a two year review of the health service logo with nine workshops involving 100 communications officials.” For the love of the baby Jesus!

And again” NHS England said it would reduce “confusion and concern” among the public – claiming that current inconsistencies in current use of the format could be fuelling pressures on Accident & Emergency units.” What the feck? Even a brain dead dyslexic donkey can tell the difference between an Accident and Emergency department and other NHS Departments. Little hint to the NHS identity managers. An A&E has lots of big green and yellow trucks outside it that have sirens on top. These are called ambulances. They bring the sick to hospital. Have the “identity team” ever visited a hospital? I do wonder!

This bit I do agree with. “But hospital managers and charities poured scorn on the exercise – saying it would divert precious resources at a time when the health service is attempting to find £22bn in savings.” There is enough incompetence in the NHS and this measure will just fuel short cutting, mismanagement and lead to gaps in patient care. Regular readers of this site will know that I am rightly fond of shaming NHS incompetence on these pages. Regular readers will also know that I rarely have first hand cause to praise the NHS but it does happen. It does however happen. Why should a logo change happen as it will not benefit the people who need NHS Care and need that care to be first rate?

This bit of the article however has really got me throwing the toys out of my pram. “It was introduced by the NHS identity team, which has two members of staff on salaries of between £56,000 and £69,000 and £40,000 to £48,000 each.”

For the love of the baby Jesus. These people are paid how much? To do what exactly? Cut patient care when it is needed most? The NHS needs to save boat loads of cash. Agreed. Well sack these muppets for a start! Give them a job they can do. I would suggest something less taxing then stacking shelves in Asda. What does an NHS “identity manager” do exactly? Why such high salaries? I bet they actually do nothing but talk crap all day long and drink skinny soya milk lattes! My 10 year old daughter could have come up with something more compelling in her sleep! Add to the salaries the cost of some crappy 2 day course where they are taught to put bullshit such as a logo change together and this gets ridiculous. This money could be better spent on keeping hospital beds open, employing extra doctors and so many other actually worthwhile things. If the NHS got rid of silly people and job roles such as this the service would be more efficient and actually deliver what it is supposed to.

My message to the NHS is clear. Stop with crap such as this and get patient care right. Do it now! Oh and sack these muppets!

You see the taxes that ordinary people pay actually funds this horseshit. I want a tax rebate because I believe that my money could be better spent. Tax payers money is being squandered. Patients stuck on hospital trolleys in corridors I know will agree with me!

There is nothing wrong with the NHS logo it has a strong brand identity. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!



Let us talk Tesco…

I really am not sure what to think about Tesco these days. Lets look at the plus sides first. The prices are ok. The staff are generally good, their delivery drivers especially polite. Much more polite than those of their “orange” competitors for a start. Even in a non english speaking country I was able to find an english speaker working as staff in a branch of Tesco!

Now we have to look at some negatives. It seems to me that you cannot go more than 6-9 months without another scandal hitting Tesco. First it was horsemeat, that was in 2013. Then there was little bit of trouble with their accounts. £250 millionish worth of trouble wasn’t it? If my memory serves me correctly their leadership has chopped and changed quite a bit in that period as well. This leads nicely on to the debacle at the weekend at Tesco bank. The bank arm got hacked by fraudsters and lots of their customers had their bank accounts drained of cash. Some have said more than 20,000 customers are effected. This is a big security breach. A very big one indeed. Someone in IT security at Tesco has clearly taken their foot off the gas, or maybe even gone home early. I will write more at somepoint about the differences between what an IT security department does and what t is supposed to do.

Anyway. Lets get back to Tesco. Where do they go from here? Will we be seeing more scandals every 6-9 months or so? Will we see a spectacular fall from grace that will take away Tesco from their lofty prominence? Or will we see Tesco gain and keep stability and gain an ability to keep away from the scandal spotlight?

Me? I’m not too sure, but I will say this much. Whilst I will still continue to pop in for 4 pints of milk and a loaf of bread as I have always done I will not be adding any Tesco shares to my investment portfolio anytime soon.