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Why Do We Have A Community… Any Community…

Some people will be aware of a lot of posts from here regarding some issues locally that have spread a lot further, indeed reaching as far as eastern Europe, owing to the volition of the individual parties involved.

This morning I had to instruct my team to carry out some investigative work. This work centred on people, based in, working in or connected to the Raynes Park Area and all individuals work within the public sector. No Names will be mentioned. I will not mention what parts of the public sector they are involved with either.

In a nutshell, 3 have highly dubious CV’s from School level upwards. 2 have lied about places they have worked more specifically their job titles. More disturbing is a high profile gentleman  who has a listing on a website where ladies go to expose their boyfriends who are cheating on them! Please note this work took my team less than 40 minutes!

This really begs a big question, doesn’t it? What is the use of a community when people in the local public eye have profiles such as this? Why do we bother any more? Surely the public sector should be an active proponent of a community, any community for that matter? Well it cannot be judging by the results above.

When I moved to Raynes Park in 2011, I thought I was moving into not only a good area but a good community. Raynes Park is still a good area with a low crime rate. For a better community it seems that Pyongyang might be a better bet in terms of a good proper community people!!!!!

The mind does certainly boggle!!!!!!!!!!


Overflow Site

I have decided to create an “overflow” site to this one which is located here. There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. This site is getting rather large and there a few things in the pipeline where I might want to slim things out a bit.
  2. There are a number Of “Special Purpose Vehicle” blogs on this site which are no longer a good fit.
  3. This site is nearly five years old and has amassed over 3000 items of individual content.
  4. I have a large volume of web based back content, some of it over 20 years old. I would like to republish some of this old content and having two sites seems to be the best option for this.

I will be signposting content moves on this website. There is very little content on this over flow site at present however this will change in the coming weeks. Here is a reminder that the overflow site is available here: Please Click.