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Updated Publisshing List 13/10/2016

Please see below for all for downloadable links to all current publications that I have available at the moment.

  1. The P2 List July 2016 Edition
  2. P2 London Round Up
  3. Brexit Market Comment
  4. Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants
  5. Voucher Code Websites Presentation
  6. Price List 2016-2017
  7. The P2 List Surrey Special Edition October 2016
  8. October 2016 - THE WANTED LIST
  9. Autumn/Winter 2016 Special Offers
  10. Autumn/Winter 2016 Advertising Rate Card
  11. Top Tips For buying a Lifestyle Business
  12. The P2 List Property Special Edition October 2016

Land And Sites Required Throughout Europe

On behalf of clients my office are looking for land and sites throughout Europe. Our clients will consider sites larger than half an acre in size that have road frontage. Some clients will consider planning risks. Our clients have good cash budgets available and are able to complete tranactions very quickly. Our clieents are large companies that are looking to expand. Our clients will consider sites that need redevelopment. For more information about the land and sites that are required or to discuss land or sites that you have available please use the form below to contact me.

Advertising Service

I have launched an advertising service in conjunction with The P2 Set Limited. Please click here to find out more information about costs and what can be advertisied, you can see examples of the publications that offer advertising by clicking on the links below.


The P2 List July 2016 Edition P2 London Round Up Brexit Market Comment Special Offers Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants

P2 London round up

As is often the case these days I copy selected work related stuff to my own website. This week is no exception and I am delighted to post “The London Round Up. A list of over 40 business opportunities that my office has available in and around the London area with budgets to suit all pockets. I do hope you enjoy reading it. Please click on the link below to download your copy of The London Round Up P2 London Round Up

The P2 List – A preview

The P2 List is a monthly magazine published by office, The P2 Set Limited for the small business owner, investor and buyer.

We have been asked by some people for a sneak preview of our new magazine so here it is!


Front Cover

P2ListSample2 P2ListSample

Samples of pages with advertising.


The July issue will feature over 250 business opportunities worth over £300 million and  over 20 pages of exciting content for the small business, owner, investor and buyer. Our readership base is growing steadily. Our July edition features 100 improvements over the June 2016 edition. Please use the form below to contact us for more samples.

You can download the June 2016 edition here The P2 List June 2016

There will also be a “Brexit” Special Market comment.


We still have advertising spaces available in the July edition of The P2 List. A magazine for the small business owner, investor and buyer.

The deadline for advertising has been extended to 18:00 on the 21st of June 2016.

We have the following available:

4 x Featured Advert Slots
3X Quarter page slots.
3 x Half page advert slots
Up to 5 Full page advert slots

What can be advertised:
Businesses For Sale
Businesses Wanted
Business Opportunities
Internet Businesses
Non UK Businesses
Joint Ventures
Intellectual Property
Resale Opportunities
Management Buy In Opportunities
Non Technology Businesses
Investment Opportunities

Business Services

In our magazine

Our new magazine “The P2 List” carries advertising. Our prices are as follows:

Blogvertorial £19.95 per issue.
1/8 page £14.95
1/4 page £23.95
1/2 page £39.95
Full page £59.95

Please fill out the form below for advertising enquiries.


You can advertise in our regular newsletter. The fee per insertion is £3.95.

Featured Listing

The fee for a featured listing is £9.95


For all enquiries please fill out the form below: