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2 very dangerous Ed’s

So election campaigning is now in full swing. There are political soundbites everywhere and slanging matches going on in every media outlet there is. As a self-employed businessman though I am running bloody scared at the moment and so are so many people like me. Business is quiet over at The Investment Network too as people hold onto their positions for fear of what will happen on election day. You see there are two dangerous blokes called Ed in Westminster and every self-employed business man or woman is scared witless of them having any power whatsoever. Yes its Ed Miliband and Ed Balls. The thought of these two idiots in power for small business people in unpalatable. They hate the small business and the small business owner with a passion that most level-headed normal people only ever reserve for trafficwardens! The two Ed’s however are not normal nor are they level-headed. It would appear most likely that a Labour government would feature a coalition with either UKIP or the Liberal Democrats. Nigel Farage’s only useful policy is to reintroduce smoking into pubs! I do approve of this one! Nick Clegg is too wet to make a difference. So if you want to know why small businesses are being quiet on doing business at the moment when it comes to investment, expansion and capital expenditure. It is because they are scared of the two Ed’s. What about me? Well I am scared and if Labour get any semblance of power, expect me to move to the Channel Islands fairly expediently.

Why do I hate Ed Balls so much?

I was asked at the weekend why I tell so many jokes about Ed Balls, Nick Clegg and The Milliband Brothers. Lets deal with Ed Balls First I shall talk about the rest of them in further blogs. Firstly lets deal with one Misconception. My dislike for Mr Balls is NOT because of his stammer. I know of plenty of good people with a stammer and there are some of those I do indeed like and respect. No the reason I hate Ed Balls is because of the amount of pure unadulterated crap he spouts. It pains me when I am watching telly and he speaks on a programme. Every word that comes out of his mouth is complete and utter rubbish in my opinion. The other thing is that he keeps on going presumably in the vain hope that he will impress someone other than the Miliband Brothers!. Please keep it short and sweet Ed! The only other people I have ever heard speak so much codswallop are Estate Agents and secondhand car salesmen! There we are I’ve said it and if you think thats bad, wait until I get round to the Miliband brothers and indeed Nick Clegg!

Child Support Agency

I am in the middle of a long running battle with the Child Support Agency. I am also contunially baffled by the way they operate. For example what other organisation routinely ignores letters and fails to respond, especially a government organisation? What agency also routinely ignores legal documents and expects just to jump when they say so? They hide behind a well manufactured front, are famed for their idiocy and incompetence and claim everything is someone elses fault, even when they things completely wrong. They also routinely claim that no one is accountable or responsible. I have written to them on several occasions requesting a response to points raised and never received a response despite knowing they received the letter. I have issued a number of Subject Access Notices, each of which they have ignored, despite me having proof they received them. Why this agency wasn’t scrapped a long time ago is beyond me. I surely cannot be only one that believes that there is an abundance of cocaine snorting going on at CSA offices up and down the country because believe you me the staff act as if they are habitual drug users. The only 2 other bodies in the whole government structure that I can think of that are more incompetent than the CSA are Nick Clegg and Ed Balls!