Network Blocking – NHS

It is with regret that I have had to block access to this site and some other services to users of the NHS Network and associated networks, this due to unacceptable spikes which is preventing this and some other platforms from operating to their optimum performance. The traffic load to this site from the NHS network and associated networks is unacceptable to the smooth running of such a complex and well utilised platform. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause

GLPI Now Available in Virtual Office

I am delighted to be able to announce that GLPI is now available as part of my “Virtual Office” product.

I have a demonstration suite available to potential clients. Please contact me for more information.

What is GLPI?

GLPI is an Information Resource-Manager with an additional Administration-Interface. As an ITSM and Asset Management tool, it is capable of managing both the company’s software and hardware assets. You can use it to build up a database with an inventory for your company (computers, software, printers, consumables, etc.). It has enhanced functions to make the daily life for the administrators easier, like a job-tracking-system with mail-notification and methods to build a database with basic information about your network-topology.



  • Multi-entity management (multi-location, multi-structure)
  • Multi-user support
  • Multiple Authentication System (local, LDAP, AD, Pop/Imap, CAS, x509…) and multiple servers
  • Multilingual management (45 languages available)
  • Permissions and profiles system
  • Notification system on events (consumable stock, expiry of contracts and licenses), customizable and by entity


  • ITSM functionalities: inventory creation, maintenance and tracking of the entire company’s data assets from a centralized console
  • Inventory’s data import from one or several OCS Inventory, NG servers or with the FusionInventory plugins
  • Computer fleet inventory with management of its components, disk space and TCO management
  • Monitors’ inventory with management of the connections to the computers
  • Inventory of the network hardware fleet with management of the connections to the devices (IP, Mac addresses, VLANs…)
  • Printer fleet inventory with management of connections to the computers and management of consumable associated and consumption and the thresholds of alarm
  • External devices inventory (scanners, graphical tables…) with management of the connections to the computers
  • Phone fleet inventory with management of connections to the computers
  • Software fleet inventory, with license and expiration dates management
  • Administrative and financial Information management (purchase, guarantee and extension, damping)
  • Management of the various states for the materials (in repair…)
  • Management of generic peripherals and monitors being able to be associated several computers
  • External bonds management towards other applications
  • History of the modifications on the elements of the inventory
  • Management of contracts, contacts, documents related to inventory items


  • Incidents, requests, problems and changes management
  • Ticket creation through emails, end-user or technician interface
  • Ticket lifecycle (assignment, tickets scheduling, solutions, etc.)
  • Knowledge base and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please use the form below to contact me if you wish to discuss GLPI or Virtual Office.

The Office Supplies Network

Esgil are delighted to announce the launch of The office Supplies Network. Featuring high quality, great value office, mailroom, cleaning and retail supplies. The prices are second to none and the range very extensive. Look out for special offers coming soon!

The Investment Network

Esgil are delighted to announce the launch of The Investment Network

This is the site to visit if you are:

  • An Investor
  • A business looking for investors
  • Wanting to buy or sell a business
  • Intrested in private equity, Forex, property investment and much more
  • You are a non executive director or looking for one.

Impressive results

Ewell Systems are delighted to announce the following results for their network of websites for the past 12 months:

Average Visitors: 2000
Average Unique Visitors: 1135
Average Page Views Per Visit: 5.29
Average Time on Site: 4 minutes 37 seconds
Average New Visits: 57%
Average Direct Traffic: 20%
Average Reffering Traffic: 62%
Traffic From Search Engines: 18%

Commenting on these results Ewell Systems Managing Director Court Guinness said “I am delighted by these results, in view of the challenging trading conditions most businesses have faced in the past 12 months, it demonstrates that across our network of websites we are growing steadily. I look forward to further growth in the next 12 months.

Nokia C6

The new Nokia C6 is out now on T-Mobile and it comes with up to £240 cash back on an 18 month contract.

With a 4 row QWERTY keyboard and a 3.2 inch, HD touchscreen display the Nokia C6 brings social networking to the palm of your hand. The homescreen can be customised with your favourite applications and can display emails, messages and Facebook updates from your top contacts.

All the email accounts you could ask for are supported such as Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and Gmail. The C6 can store up to 10 different email accounts and let you simply flick between them. Access to the Ovi store gives a huge choice of applications for the handset including Instant messaging clients like Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger.