British Airways and punctuality

Since the beginning of 2012 I have taken 105 flights with British Airways. The most recent being from Malaga to London Gatwick last week. You can read a little more about that trip here and here. Suprise, suprise, both the flight out to Malaga and back to Gatwick were heavily delayed. Doing a little research I cam across these statistics. These contradict heavily with my own findings. of 105 flights I can only recollect one flight from Luxembourg to London Heathrow being on time or early in nearly 2 years. In nearly 2 years I have flown with British Airways to Malaga, Madrid, Glasgow, Geneva, Amsterdam, Manchester, Newcastle, Brussels and Luxembourg. I do find these statistics I link to above as they contradict my own. For the avoidance of doubt let me be clear that every delay has been greater than 15 minutes duration. Alas I do not and will never fly as much again, however I do reserve the right to challenge the statistics, especially as in my experience less than 1% of flights arrive on time thus making these statistics potentially incorrect.

A Bank Holiday Weekend Challenge

So i’m off to Luxembourg on business trip on behalf of SystemNet Data, a Court Capital Partners business next week. Normally I travel on business with tons of kit in my briefcase notably, a laptop, tablet device, kindle, iPod, external hard drives, camera, memory stick, backup mobile and more. In order to get the weight down and get it all in one bag i’m considering travelling with just an Android tablet. Ok its a Motorola Xoom 32GB with a 32 GB MicroSD card on board. So how do we do this? What Apps are essential on an Android device for a jaunt such as this? What should be junked? Am I crazy? Can it be done? Will be good enough for business? Let me know your thoughts? On the subject of Luxembourg wheres a good hotel and places to eat and drink?