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Tablets: Apple Vs Android – Where do I sit?

Its becoming a routine thing these days. I will be in the pub having a pint and someone wants my opinion on which tablet to buy. Some people go so far as to insist on telling me that my opinion is wrong.

So where do I sit? In my view its a personal thing. I don’t like ioS. The apple operating system. I’m a techie and prefer Android. I also don’t like bulky kit. My stuff tends to travel with me. I try to travel light so therefore a 7 inch tablet is best for me. My view is that the choice between Apple and Android devices is a personal thing regardless of my view the best thing is to try the devices and make your own mind up. Some people swear by a large Ipad. For me it weighs too much! Check each device carefully and think about it before you make a decision. It has come to a point where there is no right or wrong answer only a personal choice that only you can make.

The only one thing I will now say to people is that if you buy an Apple device please, please please buy the biggest version in terms of storage you can afford as many of the good external storage solutions for Ipads are very very expensive, where as for an android device adding storage via MicroSd costs about £20!

Device selection is a personal thing and I think iits best kept that way!

Product Testers Required!

People wanted to test new product for small businesses at a venue in either Wimbledon or Epsom week commencing 15/7 for approx 1 hour free drink and niibles provided must bring own mobile device that is 3G and wifi enabled. iPhone iPad Samsung or other andriod tabs and mobiles. We will need to install a small app that can be removed immediately afterwards and will not collect any data from the device apart from battery usage from the display we will also ask you a few questions about our new product and you will get a voucher for a hefty discount. We really need an iPad 1 owner along at the session as well.

Iphone, Ipod, Ipad

We currently have requirements for Ipod, Iphone and Ipad applications to be developed and we are also looking for developers with applications that require marketing and portfolio owners who wish to sell.

Please contact us for further information.

Ipad 2 versus Samsung Galaxy

As the age of the tablet is underway it’s no surprise to see the big names battling it out with an increasingly impressive spec list.

Today sees the UK launch of iPad 2. It’s thinner, faster, lighter and more desirable than ever.

It’s also cheaper, £399 for the 16GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi. Or, take one on a pay monthly contract for £199 upfront and £25 per month, that’s for the 16GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G along with a generous amount of data. You’ll be able to order online after 5pm today.

After Apples announcement of the iPad 2, Samsung has taken the opportunity to tweak their Android tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is already available in 7 inch form and there are two new models on the way, running on Honeycomb (Android v3.0) with 8.9 and 10.1 inch displays. This crafty tactic means you can pick up a model that is smaller than the iPad if a compact Tab is your first desire or a larger model if you want to take the multimedia package to the next level.


The Samsung Tabs are also lighter, thinner and boast a better screen resolution. Of course the operating systems differ with Samsung pitching Android v3.0 against Apples iOS 4.3. Android may have some way to go to match Apple’s application rich OS and although hardened Apple fans won’t be pried away, the runaway success of Android on smartphones might be enough to convince the rest of the mainstream market.

Camera wise, Apple take another hit with Samsung upgrading their main camera to 3-megapixels against Apples 0.7-megapixel resolution and things get worse for Apple in the video calling department too with Samsung’s 2-megapixel video cam out gunning Apple’s VGA 0.3-megapixel cam. However these are only tech specs, camera results in the real world may turn out different.

Samsung has penned in a slightly lower price tag on the 8.9-inch version but as this story unrolls the true winner will be the consumer as the desire to dominate this market pushes along the technology with higher and higher specs becoming the norm.


At Esgil we prefer the samsung!

Ipad 2 from £399 at themobilefonenetwork

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Best Apple Ipad deals

The truly amazing Apple iPad knocks the competition out of the water by combining Macbook and iPhone technologies and expertly crafting them into a perfectly sized smart-device (24x19x1.3cm). The iPad is dominated by a large 9.7 inch full HD widescreen display that is LED-backlit and uses accelerometer sensors to enable use in either landscape or portrait views. The precise multi-touch screen is protected with a fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating that ensures the colour-rich 1024×768 pixel display doesn’t deteriorate with smudges and marks like other smartphones or touch-screen tablet devices.

Apple Ipad

A custom designed 1GHz Apple A4 high-performance / low-power consumption processor provides a seamless and responsive user experience. Customisable options are almost limitless with access to 150,000 downloadable applications and bespoke iPad games. The 3G / Wi-Fi connections to the Internet will provide broadband-like speeds to visit online shopping, news, weather, sports and social networking sites. The full screen zoom function brings Internet pages into sharp focus and makes viewing Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents a breeze.

Entertaining features include an e-Book reader that can download files from the iBook store and stereo audio speakers for enjoying MP3/MP4 files along with many other popular media formats. Additionally there is a 3.5mm audio jack and wireless Bluetooth connectivity for connecting your favourite headsets. Assisted GPS support and a digital compass work well outside with the ambient light sensor adjusting the display brightness for the perfect picture. The iPad fills a gap in the market superbly and certainly helps the user save money by not having to purchase separate phone, laptop, Sat Nav and iPod devices.

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