Coming Soon – Golf Course – Northern Ireland

Coming to the market very shortly is a good golf course complete with club house and shop in Northern Ireland. There is also a small parcel (0.45 acre) of empty land with potential for other uses subject to the relevant permissions being obtained.

The golf course performs well and is popular locally. The club house does a strong trade and is in demand for events such as weddings and conferences. The shop also performs well.

The business performs well with strong EBITDA – (29%)

Full details available shortly

Strictly Confidential Sale

Guide Price £550K +

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Setting Targets

2013 has for the most part been a pretty crap year for me. What ever could go wrong did indeed seem to go wrong. Health issues, clients going bust, dodgy clients and few other things to boot. The good thing about the gap between Christmas and New Year is the fact that its so quiet at work. This is good because it gives me a chance to do some planning and set some targets for 2014. I thought I would use this post to share a few of these targets. 1) Health. Target: only 6 sick days in 2014. 2) Smoking. Try and give up by the end of the year. 3) Wheels. Range Rover Evoque or Audi Q7 to be ordered by year end. Work 1) Double the size of the business. 2) Grow The Investment Network and get 100,000 visits to the website. 3) Sell the large systems consultancy. 4) Get new offices.  

Eggs on Toast in very easy steps from Network Shopping

For a 4 minute breakfast, this high powered toaster is coupled with an egg cooker and warming tray. With it’s stylish stlish design and innovative thinking the Toast N’ Egg Toaster is great for convenient cooking. Features include an egg poaching tray for muffin-size cooked eggs, a steamer tray for hard boiling eggs, two wide slots for toasts, muffins, croissants and bagels and a warming tray for heating pre-cooked eggs or meat. The Toast N’ Egg Toaster will perform each function separately or all at once.

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