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South London Healthcare – A positive post

Many of you will have read some quite rightly negative posts about the state of healthcare in and around South London on this blog. Today we are going to talk about St Helier Hospital in Carshalton, Surrey. As you approach this hospital in the car you cannot help but notice the bleak and grim area that surrounds it and the exterior of the building itself looks fairly forbidding. Yes its a very old 1930’s building that looks like it is in need of a boat load of TLC. However once you step inside. to where it matters things change a bit. The buildings are old, the place is dated and various people go about their jobs in a building that does not seem up to the job. However the team of people inside seriously know what they are doing and how to look after patients in their care. Everyone I met on a visit earlier this week was friendly and professional and really knew their stuff. Customer service from administrators is excellent as well and a positive attitude shines through. Look at St Helier Hospital from the outside and you could be forgiven for thinking there is error inside. This is definitely not the case. Other hospitals would do very well to take note and follow example. Regular readers will know that I very rarely praise hospitals on these pages and that I am normally given to quite rightly castigating a particular hospital quite frequently. But today, praise where praise is due as St Helier Hospital seem to be nailing it big time! Well done guys!

It’s not just the NHS then

 So after 2 days looking after my partner at Parkside Hospital in Wimbledon I have found serious errors in the private healthcare sector. Nurses who are rude and unprofessional. Foreign nurses who quite clearly do not meet the English requirements in respect of IELTS for HCPC or NMC registration and many more indeed I have initiated the complaints procedure for the NMC. Aspen Healthcare are in my opinion running a racket that does not deliver value or professional care. I have reason to believe that sone NMC and HCPC registrations may be fraudulent. Indeed it maybe that the HCPC and NMC registration procedures are so flawed that they invite clearly dodgy applications. I own a business that works in healthcare recruitment and I have never seen silliness of idiocy like I have just witnessed in the past 2 days. One almost expects it with the NHS but not the private sector. This idiocy and silliness s inbred from management down to the grass roots in my opinion and root and branch change is most definitely in order.