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So long Google and thanks for all the fish!

So I am going to have a major rant at Google’s expense! In 18 years in the technology trade it can be said that it is more likely that it would be Microsoft or Dell that would be on the receiving end of such a rant.

So why Google? Well they have really annoyed a lot of people recently especially in the technology trade. First there was the Hummingbird update which they rolled out without telling anyone and then there was the change to Google Analytics, again without telling anyone. To get keyword data or location data from Google Analytics you must now pay Google the princely sum of £150,000! They did this without telling any one and it has been in place since the beginning of September 2013.

I am not the only one who is irked by this. So many SEO and internet professionals have taken to their own blogs and other blogs to vent their own spleens with one professional publicly quitting the industry.

As many readers of these pages may know I own and operate a large number of websites. Because of these updates and Google’s policy I have been forced to explain to customers that I cannot give them reliable analytical data between 1 September 2013 and today! I have also had to spend an entire weekend changing my hosting infrastructure and all of the websites to ensure my data is accurate!

Thanks a bunch Google!


Important Notice To All Customers -Website Outages

All of our web hosting customers should please note that there will be small outages to all websites today (06/10/2013). The outages should last no more than 3 minutes per site.

Last week we found out about a number of changes that Google were making including wanting the princely sum of £150,000 for proper analytical data (keyword and location data) with immediate effect. Google also introduced other changes without telling us. If you use one of our partners for SEO you should contact that partner ASAP to discuss these changes with them.

This morning we implemented a new analytics and statistics platform and all our and sites we operate for clients sites are currently being updated. We will issue final reports from Google later. Many of you receive automated reports and these will resume with effect from Friday 10/10/13.

Wimbledon Systems apologises to all customers for any inconvenience caused. The circumstances are outside our control. We would also like to thank Google for forcing us to work on a Sunday to update over 100 websites.



Free Google Nexus S

The Google Nexus S from Samsung is currently a CPW exclsuive and there are some great deals online. It’s free on a contract costing just £30 per month. Fantastic value when you consider that it’s arguably more fashionable and functional than an iPhone 4, which costs a minimum of £45 per month if you want one for free.

The Nexus S – with Android v2.3 – could be the phone for anyone looking to buy an impressionable smartphone. This collaboration brings the usual selection of Google services to the table such as Google Maps that work in conjunction with the built-in GPS navigation system, Google Search, YouTube, Gmail and Picasa integration.

nexus phone

On the hardware side of things, Samsung provides high-end optics with a super-AMOLED touchscreen display and a 5 megapixel camera that boasts autofocus, touch focus, face & smile detection, geo-tagging, an LED flash and HD video recording. Android v2.3 is also on-board and this popular operating system now offers video calling and of course 3G HSDPA Internet access is still included to bring high internet and downloading

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