Well it worked!

in 2012. I set myself a challenge to replace the usual contents of my briefcase with something a lot smaller for a week long business trip to Luxembourg for SystemNet Data. I went from this:2012-08-25 08.54.07to this: 2012-08-25 09.17.50I failed on this attempt badly. I wasn’t prepared enough. Last Sunday I tried again. I left home for a business trip to Prague carrying a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 with a Belkin Keyboard case. A Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone. 2 Sandisk Cruzer 64 GB memory sticks, my passport and my wallet. Thanks to innovative private cloud solution from Wimbledon Systems and Portable Apps on the memory sticks. The challenge worked for the most part. The only downside was running out of battery a few times. All in all a good week 🙂

The return of an old challenge

About 18 months ago I tried to replace a briefcase full of kit with a tablet device. You can read more that here.http://www.courtguinness.co.uk/a-bank-holiday-weekend-challenge/. Well I am going to try and repeat the challenge in a weeks time. The one thing I am lacking is a decent video editing app for Android. Anyone got any bright ideas. I’m taking a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 and a Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone. The only kit I will be carrying is 2 memory sticks a notepad and my wallet and passport. The idea is to ditch the briefcase. On another note has anyone sucesfully rooted a Galaxy Tab 3 with Cyanogen yet?

Top Tip For Samsung Galaxy Tab Owners

I have been using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 for just under a year and have had to live with some serious limitations with regards to functionality from the Samsung build of Android 4.03 (Ice Cram Sandwich) such as no support for App2sd. My Galaxy tab is a part business device and part play device. The other day I came across the Cyanogen Mod kit for “rooting” the Galaxy Tab. I rooted the device and installed Cyanogen and then the Google tools. I have to say I am so impressed. Performance has been increased by about 40 %, usable on board disk space by about 50 % and battery life has increased by 30%. The interface is slicker and friendlier too. If you have become disenchanted with the Factory installed operating system on The Samsung Galaxy Tab devices in a similar fashion to which I have I do suggest you give Cyanogen a try. I really rate it! I shall be taking delivery of a Samsung Galaxy S4 shortly and the first thing I shall do is to replace the stock operating system with Cyanogen.  

Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note has a huge 5.3 inch display that allows you to do more on your smartphone and as a HD Super AMOLED display the graphics are simply stunning. The larger screen means you can see more of web pages when browsing reducing the need to scroll through content. The TouchWiz UI and Live Panel UX deliver an impressive user experience and handy apps such as Social Hub, Readers Hub and Music Hub keep all your favourite apps in one place.

Connectivity-wise the Galaxy Note has it all with Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, 3.5G, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Hotspot for creating a Wi-Fi hub for your other wireless devices. The main camera has an 8 megapixel resolution with HD video recording at 1080p whilst the front facing camera is 2 megapixel for great detail when video calling. Other features include an expandable memory up to 32GB, multimedia player and 3.5mm audio jack.

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Galaxy S III pre-order from £29 a month

The Samsung Galaxy S III (Galaxy S3) has seen its official announcement and this latest offering will be the flagship device for Samsung and undoubtedly a huge hit with smartphone users.

Retaining a similar size to its predecessor, the phone runs Android 4.0 and boasts a 4.8 inch Super Amoled display. The user experience is set to be excellent and as long as you keep looking at the phone the display will stay bright. The next cool feature is Direct Call, lifting the phone to your ear whilst you are texting and the phone will automatically call your friend.

If you have been away from the phone and missed a call or incoming message then the Galaxy S III knows and will give you a nudge by vibrating. Voice activated commands are also present and you can even use these to take a picture on the impressive 8 megapixel camera that can take a burst of 8 images to allow you to choose the perfect shot every time.

The remaining spec doesn’t disappoint either with a front facing 1.9 megapixel camera for video calls, Wi-Fi, quad band 3G, Social Network Integration and Swype text input. It’s difficult to see how the Galaxy S3, available in pebble blue or marble white, can be anything but a hit and the best news is the that we don’t have to wait too long to get our hands on one. It’s already widely available to pre-order with the first deliveries expected by the end of May.

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Amazing deals on top smartphones!

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1. Free Galaxy Note on O2 for £21.50 a month with 100 minutes, 250MB and 500 texts. The Galaxy Note is bigger than a normal smartphone and smaller than a tablet, it’s a single device that can replace both a laptop and a mobile.

2. For light users wanting one of the latest, most powerful smartphones with a decent data allowance we have the HTC One X on O2 for £27 a month. It comes with 200 minutes, 500MB and unlimited texts.

3. Galaxy S II on the Ultimate 1000 plan from Three. It’s the mot popular Android phone of the year so far and now extremely affordable. Nothing to pay upfront and £29 a month for a huge allowance whcih includes 1000 minutes, unlimited internet data and 5000 texts.

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