FOAAS – A bit of humour from me!

I was hunting around GitHub earlier for some libraries and code to help get me out a little fix. For those readers that are non technical, GitHub is a legendary repository of source code and open source software where technical people and some who-used-to-be-technical people like me hangout. Any way I was quite amused to come across this ***little gem from someone (***Please note THIS LINK IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK). Yes its F**k O** As A Service. Again the technical guys will know exactly what it does and it will make some people smile. Indeed it made me howl with laughter and brighten up an otherwise dull and boring day 🙂

An Update – May 2016

So What has been happening recently? Workwise The new magazine is out now. I have started a new podcast channel that is in its infancy here. Both of these projects have been great fun to do and please do look out for more soon. I have also started to develop two new products, these should be ready by August. I currently have some room for new projects such as consultancy and business development. I also have room for a few new investments. Please use the form below to contact me if this is of any interest. I am looking forward to Project Retail 2018 taking more shape soon J Lastly I am looking for regional representatives, please click here for more information. Personally This little brute is getting worse as is the hearing loss and the osteoarthritis and this little lot has thrown up some other nasty health related stuff which I shall not speak more about on this post. Its been a busy but good few months and I also note that it is nearly 4 years since I started this blog in June 2012. In that time there have been nearly 36,000 unique visitors and I have made nearly 200 posts. What started as an exercise to get me to write better has both succeeded and become a bit of a hobby. I do enjoy writing here. You can see all 200 posts by clicking here. It has also been good fun. Thats its for now! Thank you all for reading 😀            

Indroducing “Swiss”

Right you lot my name is Swiss or Mr Swiss Army-Knife and I live in the bag that serves as Court’s mobile office with my mates SD Card and Memory-Stick. Here is a piccy of me outside my gaff. image And here is a piccy of me chilling with my homies: image Why am I sharing all this with you? Well my mates get to go to exotic places on aeroplanes all the time such as Glasgow, Aberdeen and Frankfurt but I don’t because of security reasons. getting me through Airport security is almost impossible, well I say almost, so for that reason the best I can hope for is a trip to Skegness, or is it? For those of those of you that don’t know Court used to fly a lot and still travels a lot, he seems permanantly attached to his mobile office and his Samsonite cabin bag. Anyway he is also forgetful and last year left me in the bag for a trip to Luxembourg. Yes I made it through security at Heathrow Terminal 5. I still don’t know how I managed it. Anyway Court was doing some work on a top security site that mean’t he had to go through airport style security to get to his desk. This security is run by G4S, you know the guys that cocked up security at the London Olympics. Well the found me and Court was oblivious! He was also scared to take me back through security at Luxembourg Airport for fear of losing me. Bless his cotton socks! So I spent a few weeks living in a desk whilst arrangements were made for me to travel back to London in a car with one of Courts mad man mates. Rumour, legend and folklore has it that when this guy is drunk he drives in a straight line and obeys speed limits on this trip he was sober! That was last year.This week Court was forgetful again and I got taken on a trip to Gatwick Airport. Rumour, legend and folklore has it that Court owns Gatwick Airport. Let me assure you that this is utter bollocks and he just struts about like he owns the place! Any way I was bricking it when I got shoved through security but yes I made it. That’s two trips through airport security unscathed. What are these security boys playing at? I amazed I am I thought security was tight at airports? How did I manage it? Anyway enough for now more on my adventures soon. Lots of love Swiss