FOAAS – A bit of humour from me!

I was hunting around GitHub earlier for some libraries and code to help get me out a little fix. For those readers that are non technical, GitHub is a legendary repository of source code and open source software where technical people and some who-used-to-be-technical people like me hangout. Any way I was quite amused to Read more about FOAAS – A bit of humour from me![…]

An Update – May 2016

So What has been happening recently? Workwise The new magazine is out now. I have started a new podcast channel that is in its infancy here. Both of these projects have been great fun to do and please do look out for more soon. I have also started to develop two new products, these should Read more about An Update – May 2016[…]

Indroducing “Swiss”

Right you lot my name is Swiss or Mr Swiss Army-Knife and I live in the bag that serves as Court’s mobile office with my mates SD Card and Memory-Stick. Here is a piccy of me outside my gaff. And here is a piccy of me chilling with my homies: Why am I sharing all Read more about Indroducing “Swiss”[…]

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