Consultancy Requirements October 2016

I am currently expanding my network of trusted consultants. I am looking for consultants on a freelance basis that have at least 5 years business experience in the following areas: Project Management Project Planning Risk Start Up Advisory Diversification Business Coaching Marketing Operational Strategy Mergers and Acquisitions Business Health Check Corporate Planning Interim Management CRM Business Integration Change Management Business Planning Sales Development Strategy Social Marketing Projects come on to my books on a daily basis. All consultants must be freelancers with at least 5 years freelance consultancy experience coupled with a minimum of 10 years experience in their chosen discipline. A good degree is also essential. All applicants must be EU nationals. References will be required. Please use the form below to contact me.

P2 Update

Please note that I have taken over the following services on my own account from The P2 Set Limited.

  • Brokerage
  • Consultancy
  • Publications – The P2 List and Market comment.
  • Advertising – A new rate card will be available shortly.

Everything else at The P2 Set is business as usual including outsourced functions.

Why Is It Important To Think About Christmas Now?

Is it too early to think about Christmas? Maybe it is? I know how shocked I get when Radio One start belting out chrismas songs in early November, It is usually just after bonfire night, isn’t it? But for business owners and those that broker business opportunities the time is now upon us to consider the festive season. The period between Christmas day and the first working day of the New Year is the biggest time of the year when people take time out to strategise about their futures and look for new business opportunities, these people start to make life changing decisions for the following year. If you are looking to sell a business, buy a business, diversify or take on new opportunities, dealers or franchises, then it is of the utmost importance that you attract this ultra large group of people during this part of the festive season. It will be of benefit to your business in terms of warmish leads in the first quarter of 2017. Every year I publish a bumper list of business opportunities in PDF format that gets over 5000 viewers every year. This year will be no exception. This publication is well illustrated and easy on the eye. Last year I had over 300 business opportunities, investment opportunities and property opportunities published. This year there will be many more and over 20 pages of intersting articles will be included. We still have advertising space available and always welcome, good quality editorial content. I have detailed information available about what goes on in this sector over the festive season and would be delighted to share this with you. If you would like your offer to be available to our readers this festive season, please do talk to me to discuss options as I would be more than delighted to help you. The deadline for copy and advertsing artwork is 18:00 01 December. Publication date will be 12 December 2016. Please use this form to get in touch with me if you have any questions.


Top Tips For Buying a Lifestyle Business

Top tips for buying a lifestyle business. I am delighted to be able to publish a guide to the top tips for buying a lifestyle business based on vast experience of buying and selling lifestyle businesses. This short but handy two page guide briefly outlines top themes and provides a practical but basic blueprint for success in the lifestyle business sector aimed that those who are looking to move from fast paced careers primarily in the City of London. Please click on the link below to download your free copy as a PDF file. No sign up is required. Top Tips For buying a Lifestyle Business As always I will be delighted to receive feedback, so please feel free to use the form below.