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Flight Ban On Electronic Devices – My Take

So today the UK and the USA have announced bans on electronic devices that are not much larger than smartphones on certain airlines and flights. Even some larger smartphones may be affected. I appreciate that these measures are designed to thwart catastrophic terrorist attacks on aeroplanes and stopping these is a good thing. So why am I having a bit a whinge? As a former very frequent flyer. In some years between 1999 and 2014 I travelled on over 100 flights. 9/11 was a tragedy that started wholesale changes in airline travel that changed the way at all air travellers had to adapt to. These were updated every few years. It meant that frequent flyers had to change the way that they did things. It added time. These rules were there to protect air travellers. A good thing. The problem I have with this new rule is that it prevents work. On a five hour flight you can prepare presentations, speeches, read up on research and go through reports. The big thing here is that it is almost impossible for the office to get hold of you. On a longer flight you can even fit in a sleep. Even if work is out of the question or completed and sleep is hard to come by, then the iPad comes into its own. Books, music, movies even games are readily available. You see there isn’t a lot to do on an aeroplane. Using a laptop or an iPad can increase productivity but more importantly eliminates boredom. On the work front. I know several people who will find this difficult especially on longer flights between the Middle East and the USA and some I know are worried about how this will affect them. I hope they can find a workaround.    

New iPod touch 32GB from Network-Shopping

15%thinner and 12% lighter than the previous generation, the 101-gram Apple iPod touch 32GB features an intuitive multi-touch interface with a brilliant Retina 960-by-640 display, which renders graphics and text in rich, smooth detail, whether you’re accessing music, watching videos, reading and sending emails, viewing your photos or playing games.The iPod touch 32GB offers an incredible mix of features and functions, such as two built-in cameras – one on the front for FaceTime calls and one on the rear for recording HD video, and enables you to make video calls over Wi-Fi networks to any other FaceTime-enabled iPod touch or iPhone 4. Capturing those memorable moments is easy, thanks to built-in HD 720p video recording with built-in mic. Powerful yet energy-efficient, the Apple-designed A4 processor can easily perform jobs like multitasking, editing video, and FaceTime, whilst the built-in, three-axis gyroscope offers an enhanced gaming experience when paired with the accelerometer – the gyro allows the iPod touch to sense advanced motion, such as acceleration, full 3D attitude, and rotation rate! Perhaps what’s most striking aboutthe Apple iPod touch 32GB is its lengthy battery life, which allows you to listen to music for up to 40 hours and video for up to 7 hours.Voice Control lets you control your music with your voice, whilst the iOS 4.1 software includes iOS 4 features like multitasking, folders,enhanced mail, and iBooks, plus Game Center, iTunes Ping, and HD video uploads to YouTube and MobileMe. Expand your social gaming network with the new Game Center app on iPod touch and invite others to join and share leader boards and achievements. The iPodtouch 32GB is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi and Nike + iPod function that helps your keep fit by letting you use your iPod with a Nike +iPod Sensor (available separately).Banish boredom forever with the Apple iPod touch 32GB!

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