A note of thanks from me

Since June last year I have been producing small publications and newsletters  with details of business opportunities I have on my books in PDF format . Over 30 have now been produced in total. A full list of current ones in on the left hand side.

I was going through the download logs just now and was pleased to find that the average number of  unique downloads per publication had reached 1,750.

Thank you all for downloading these publications and making relevant enquiries. I appreciate it.

Publishing List 19/10/2016

The Network is finally launched!

Ewell Systems are delighted to announce “The Network”

At Ewell Systems we network a lot, we use various sites such as twitter and facebook and attend many different events, we like to be open and supportive, we like to meet and encourage people and organisations we have never met before and grow relationships with them.

We have taken the decision to add a network to our business in order to help the businesses and people we wish to see grow. Phase one of The network has now been launched containing opportunities for working with Ewell Systems, Downloads and some other content.

We cordially invite you to watch this space for further announcements as to extended content and functionality.

Registration is compulsory for The Network. We invite you to register and explore!

Managing Director, Court Guinness commented “I am delighted to launch The Network, I am pleased that only will Ewell Systems be able to grow but that through this initiative we will be able to assist, friends, clients and partners to grow as well.”

The Network is here