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The Health Blog

I have been asked by some readers of this blog to bring them up to speed with regards to some health issues. This little issue and severe osteo arthritis are the main orders of the day. It ain’t great waking up with a headache, tinnitus and pressure in the ears every morning. Vertigo and the risk of falls or drop attacks are not fun either, especially if you start to feel wobbly on the street. I am still working away on various things gently but on a more part time basis. I tend to need to take time off intermittently from time to time. I need to rest often. Also I cannot walk more than 4 metres without walking aids. I am on some serious medication. If i dont respond to emails and texts immediately please be aware that the answer is above. Edit: This little sod has turned up 🙁

The July 2016 update

So whats been happening? Workwise: Well the July edition of The P2 List has just been published you can get it here: [Download not found]. I am enjoying the publishing side. I just need to automate it a bit more 🙂 I am now developing some new products and services, the first of these will be available shortly. The P2 Set has a quite a few new opportunities on offer. Personally, well for the time being I have avoided a credit card splurge on the catawiki website – check out their modern classic auction if you are a petrol head, there are some lovely cars on there. I finally managed to get my home office remodelled, all it now needs is a wide screen telly and an xbox 🙂 I also refitted my private cloud and it is working very well indeed. Health issues have become a problem and I am now working mostly from home. Osteo arthritis and this sod have seen to that amongst other things health related which I do not wish to discuss here. 🙁 I have space for some new business opportunities and some non exec and trustee work. On another note I am having a goood giggle at all the chaos this little matter of brexit has caused. This blog has now been running for four years and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers.