Wakey wakey BA!

This year I have had to use EasyJet quite a bit. I used to slag off cheapo no frills airlines a lot, preferring flag carriers such as BA. Fear not I still hate Ryanair with a passion!

The reason for this is simple profit and loss. I much prefer BA’s policy of two bags in the over head and not having to put a bag in the hold. But BA to Prague for the flights I need are coming in too expensive. £400 for BA compared to £130 for EasyJet. But it gets better, in 15 months BA have only managed to get one or two flights I have been traveling on arrive on time. In 16 flights. EasyJet have only been late once!

BA and I have had quite a few run ins in the space of16 years. I still remember the swipe card incident which was their biggest fuck up and cost me an awful lot of money. That was 11 years ago but it still rankles.

EasyJet seem to be getting their house in order now and creating an airline that the frequent flyers wants to use. This new relationship is working. I do fear that BA are losing their way a little now and need to regroup but I cannot see how they can do this especially with the stranglehold Unite have over the organisation. Now everyone knows how much I hate Unite but BA have to sort them out in order to move on.

I do wonder how long BA have left in their current guise.

On a cheekier note lets talk about cabin crew and eye candy. BA used to have a good reputation for providing very good looking ladies to serve me why coffee or on a friday evening, champagne or whisky but on recent BA flights I have been served by munters. EasyJet on the other hand seem to be attracting their fair share of stunners!

So wakey wakey BA! its time to start smelling the coffee 🙂

BA Iphone App leaks data heavily

I have been using the British Airways iPhone App a lot recently and was suprised to get a message from my network provider telling me how much data I had used of my allowance within 1 week so I decided to investigate. It turns out that the British Airways app leaks data like nobodys business You have been warned only use it when you have to and disable it at all other times.

Have British Airways Lost Their Way?

So I have been flying British Airways quite a bit recently. Out of 8 flights 7 have been late and one so late I would have been quicker walking. On this particular occasion I absolutely had to land at London Heathrow on time in order to meet someone very important. Are they still the worlds favourite airline? Customer service also seems to have taken a knock with the introduction of surly and unhelpful staff. My questions are: 1) Is this part of their new business strategy and if so will it work? 2) Is point one the case or have they given up on customers? British Airways used to be an excellent airline. I do believe it is a shame they are falling from grace in the eyes of their customers. Especially in view of the very high prices they are demanding these days.