Rainloop? What? Sounds like something from a 1990’s rave dosen’t it. Fear not, we are not returning to the 1990’s. The rainloop in question is a very good web based email client I have been using for the past few weeks. Rainloop is a very fast, very secure and highly configurable web based email client. Read more about Rainloop[…]

Self Hosted Apps. Why Am I A Fan?

I have been running self apps for years, including some “bastardisations” of popular apps, especially WordPress and Joomla, mainly acting as corporate intranets. These can be a nice solution if you are in a hurry to deploy and intranet by the way. Any way as is nearly usual for me for a Friday night. I Read more about Self Hosted Apps. Why Am I A Fan?[…]

Blackberry Messenger on Android

So Blackberry Messenger has been available on the Android operating system through the Play Store for just over a week now. Over the weekend I have been paying attention to battery life on my tablet.I have noticed that my battery is not lasting a day I have noticed that BBM is draining the battery and Read more about Blackberry Messenger on Android[…]

Top Android Apps

Following from my “What does the tech expert do?” post the other day. I thought I would post some insights into what I run on my indispensable Android Tablet. Firstly to make life easy I ditched the standard operating System and replaced it with CyanogenMod. Its great and much better than the stock Samsung Android Read more about Top Android Apps[…]

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