Paskins Hotel Brighton

Many readers will be very well aware that praise is hard to come by on this website!

However Paskins in Brighton is one of these places that richly earns its very well deserved place on that rare list! I have had the pleasure of staying here twice and the team can expect more bookings from me in the future!

What can I say about this hotel?

Well quite a lot actually, from the moment you walk through the front door, the staff are polite and friendly and will happily go above and beyond the call of duty to look after their clients. The rooms are light and airy, generally large and well appointed. I don’t who makes the mattresses they use on the beds, but I do need to know  as they do provide for a most wonderful nights sleep!

After that lets move on to breakfast, top marks, these guys do a seriously good breakfast that really sets you up for the day!

Locally are tons of excellent coffee shops and some great pubs with a seriously good selection of ales. What is not to like. the other bonus is that anything you could possibly need is available easily and everywhere in Brighton is easy enough to get to from this hotel.

This is a seriously good hotel and deserves its praise, not only that but the team who run the place deserve the praise as well. If I run another annual awards list on this site this year I am not sure that any other hotel can or will beat Paskins for “hotel of the year”! It really is that good!


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