How 25 years have changed t***phones

25 years ago I used to define the twatphone as one of these bad boys. I even had one for work at one point. motorola8800Times have moved on however and the definition of the phrase twatphones has changed in my opinion, these devices are normally worn by idiots commuting to and from London mainly so they do not have to concentrate on a commute or look out for people snd push for their own self centred irrelevant agenda. This is a picture of the new twatphones my ladies and gentlemen. boseheadphones Wearers of these should be avoided at all costs as one of these days a wearer is going to cause and accident by being so self centred and over engrossed in the usually crap music they are listening to that they wont care. If do you go around with a pair of these clamped to your ears you should be rightfully ashamed of your self. Get a life and some self respect!   Persoanlly /I would take the Motorola 8800 any dy of the week.