A rant about public transport

Following on from my earlier blog about commuting and menswear I now feel compelled to rant about the state of public transport. It amazes me that the smallest thing can stuff things up so¬† badly and in the process screw my entire day up. The other week it was a person under a train at Read more about A rant about public transport[…]

Right you lot i’m back

Some of you may remember me from way back. My name is Swiss and some of you will remember my alleged demise after being captured by the plod at Malaga Airport. They are bastards them Spanish police, but you can’t keep a good knife down. I may have changed colour but because of some clever Read more about Right you lot i’m back[…]

Wakey wakey BA!

This year I have had to use EasyJet quite a bit. I used to slag off cheapo no frills airlines a lot, preferring flag carriers such as BA. Fear not I still hate Ryanair with a passion! The reason for this is simple profit and loss. I much prefer BA’s policy of two bags in Read more about Wakey wakey BA![…]

Airports Rated

As many of you know I travel a lot and spend a lot of time at airports, so much so that I have decided to rate them. The Best Berne Airport, Switzerland. I swear my flat is larger than this airport! Very small, very friendly and with the friendliest security staff I have ever met. Read more about Airports Rated[…]

British Airways and punctuality

Since the beginning of 2012 I have taken 105 flights with British Airways. The most recent being from Malaga to London Gatwick last week. You can read a little more about that trip here and here. Suprise, suprise, both the flight out to Malaga and back to Gatwick were heavily delayed. Doing a little research Read more about British Airways and punctuality[…]

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