6000 Thank You’s

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of the 6,000 unique readers of the July 2018 edition of The Trade House Magazine for their readership.

This means that the July 2018 has surpassed its target of 4,500 unique readers quite significantly with only 5 days to go before the August 2018 edition is due to be published. I am both very pleased and very grateful for everyone who has taken the time to read the magazine and also to those readers who have chosen to make further enquiries.

Once again a warm Thank You to everyone for reading.

Reminder: Advertising and Content Deadline August 2018 Edition

This is just a reminder that the advertising and content deadline for the August 2018 edition of the Trade House Magazine is 25/07/2018 at 18:00.

All content for inclusion in the August 2018 edition of the Trade House Magazine must be received by this deadline.


Advertise For FREE in the August 2018 issue of TradeHouse Magazine

Advertising is now open for the August issue of The Trade House Magazine.

The following can be advertised in The Trade House Magazine

  • Commercial Finance
  • Legal Services
  • Business To Business
  • Business Services
  • Projects
  • Insurance Services
  • Businesses For Sale
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  • Offers for businesses
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
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  • Business Opportunities
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  • Commercial Property Wanted
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  • Property Portfolios
  • Unusual Business Opportunities
  • Joint Ventures
  • Projects
  • Intellectual Property
  • Franchises
  • Franchise Resales
  • Reseller Opportunities
  • Dealership Opportunities
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • Pubs For Sale
  • Hotels For Sale
  • Restaurants For Sale
  • Management buy In Offered
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  • Licensing Opportunities
  • Distributor Opportunities
  • Excess Stock
  • Shops For Sale
  • Professional Services
  • Tenders Offered
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  • Freelance Services Offered
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  • Financial Services
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  • Bolt On Businesses
  • Land For Sale
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  • Websites For Sale
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  • Accountancy Services
  • Trade Services

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A PDF of the latest issue can be downloaded here (No sign up required)  The Trade House Magazine July 2018 Edition

The interactive issue of the latest issue is below


The Trade House Magazine, Whats The Story?

The Trade House has been a brand of mine since 2008. After one venture closed the name became essentially dormant until I resurrected it a few months ago for use as an umbrella brand and the new name for the magazine. The roots of the magazine go back much further.

The very first iteration of the magazine was a four page PDF  called “The P2 List” that advertised business opportunities on behalf of The P2 Set Limted. At the time one of my specialised subject was the brokerage of technology based businesses. The list was a basic PDF with the original P2 logo at the top of every page. It looked every inch the Word Document it was!

The P2 List became The P2 Magazine when I diversified my business to encompass the brokerage of all types of deal and business in 2014. In 2017 in an attempt to broaden readership the magazine was rebranded “Weekly Deals” and went from a quarterly to a weekly publication schedule. There has been the odd experiment with other names too!

After I retired from active brokerage in March 2018. I decided I want to keep my hand in with brokerage and deal making – some thing I am passionate about. My medical team insisted I leav full time work so I decided to keep publishing Weekly Deals. However it soon became apparent that a weekly publishing schedule was not conducive to my ongoing health issues, so I reverted to a monthly publishing schedule that  I am now happy with.  Because of this change a new name had to be found. While searching around my archive of marketing collateral for inspiration for a mild rebrand I came across some old Trade House stuff and decided that the Trade House name would be appropriate for a magazine stuffed full of business and property deals and opportunities.

In August 2008 the “Spiritual father” of The Trade House Magazine was born which comprised of  just four pages and £65,000 worth of deals and opportunities. The July 2018 edition has 35 pages and £138,000,000 of business opportunities. The latest issue is bigger and brighter than the first four page Word Document and has also spurred on our new strap line “Hopefully Europe’s biggest and brightest business deal magazine!”

You can download the latest issue here (No sign up required)  The Trade House Magazine July 2018 Edition

You can view an interactive version below.

The Trade House Magazine July 2018 Edition

I am delighted to announce that the July 2018 edition of The Trade House Magazine is now available.

This issue features just over £138,000,000 of business and property opportunities.

A PDF version can be downloaded here:  The Trade House Magazine July 2018 Edition

You can view an interactive version below.

If you have any enquiries about this edition of The Trade House Magazine please use the form below to contact me.


Update :: The Weekly Deals Free Sheet 15/06/2018

I am delighted to update you all with regards to The Weekly Deals Free Sheet.

A new free magazine will be published in June 2016. Publication will revert to a monthly format. I am unable currently unable to support a weekly publishing regime. The new monthly magazine will have a new name and a slightly tweaked format.

Advertising will be be free until October 2018.

Later this year it is envisaged that users will require DealNet membership to receive the magazine. DealNet membership is FREE!

The next advertising deadline is Friday 22/06/2018 at 18:00.

The last issue of The Weekly Deals Free Sheet is available below for those who wish a trip down memory lane!