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The Trade House has Been Relaunched

I am pleased to announce that I have relaunched The Trade House. The Trade House is now integrated in to this website and comprises the following

The Trade House combines the following activities of mine.

The Weekly Deals Free Sheet


The Trade Counter

Partner Program

With more tools for business coming soon.

I am delighted with this new innovation and delighted also to relaunch The Trade Counter.

Early May 2018 Update

Since my last update in early April a lot has gone on.

Here are some highlights:

  • VirtualOffice and PersonalCloud products have been brought back after an aborted sale.
  • I am on the look out for a new non executive directorship or trusteeship to take on.
  • I have managed to sell, divest or close many of my business interests.
  • I am out of the wheelchair for the time being but this might change. The road to recovery is a slow one.
  • I am now more than 50% deaf 🙁
  • I am bringing back The Tradehouse and a new version should be available over the summer. This will most likely be integrated into this site.
  • More than 400 new products have been added to my shop.
  • Readership of The Weekly Deals Free Sheet is now consistently at over 1500 unique readers each week.
  • Since its relaunch last year, The Weekly Deals Free Sheet has enjoyed a consistent weekly straight line growth of 12%.
  • This website and the shop had over 14,000 visitors – a figure I am very pleased about. I would like to thank all website visitors for taking the time to visit.
  • This website will be getting a small revamp over the summer.
  • I am still mostly retired and I am very pleased to say that I am generally very happy in my retirement 😀 I do struggle do fill a week with activity but maybe that is  very good thing.
  • I will be be attending The Business Show at London Excel later this month. You can take the man away from business but you cannot take business away from the man!! This visit will be much more genteel than other visits to the show but I will have time for 1-2-1 meetings and to spend time with old colleagues, friends and adversaries who will be in attendance at the show.

Thank you for reading.


£98 Million! How Much?!!!

Yes, £98,000,000. That is the total value of all business opportunities advertised in the current issue of The Weekly Deals Free Sheet, the free weekly business opportunities magazine that I publish.

There are a total of 86 business opportunities in this issue. So let us break this down. The cheapest business opportunity is worth just £1,000. The most expensive is £30,000,000. There  2 opportunities in the Care Home Sector, 11 hotels, 3 restaurants, 6 lifestyle businesses, 7 pubs , 8 retail businesses, 14 technology business opportunities, 3 recruitment agencies for sale and much more.

The average commercial property deal advertised is worth £688,000. We have nearly £2.5 million of business opportunities in Ireland advertised and £120,000 worth of business opportunities in France advertised.

Closer to our home we have nearly £39,000,000 worth of business opportunities located within the M25. One of these opportunities is worth £30,000,000. The cheapest business opportunity in the London area is valued at £25,000.

The next issue will be available on 24/04/2018 and the total value of business opportunities in that issue will be over £100,000,000!

If you haven’t seen the current issue of The Weekly Deals Free Sheet you can download a copy here: [Download not found].

You can also see an interactive version below.

If you have any queries regarding The Weekly Deals Free Sheet, please use the form below to contact me.


Microblogging :: An Experiment

As an experiment that will last until the end of the year. I am adding a microblog to tis site. These smaller bite size blog posts will typically be shorter than 280 characters and sometimes contain images or other media, this hopefully will add depth, interaction and new content to this site where the other forms of content and outreach might not fit.

The Microblogging Section can be found here

Update 13/04/2018

So what has been happening recently? Quite a lot so here are some highlights.

I spent over 6 weeks in hospital recently. I now have a pacemaker fitted and use a wheelchair, which I have already managed to crash! On this note my retirement from active business has been publicised on this site extensively. I am delighted to announce that I am successfully winding up all of my business interests with the exception of The Weekly Deals Free Sheet. I am keeping this on to prevent me getting too bored.

I have managed to give up smoking and on one occasion managed to break a car manufacturers configuration engine. It would only show £###,### instead of a price of over £100,000!

On the whole retirement is going well. In addition to this last month (March 2018) I achieved 16.679 visitors to this website. I am very pleased with these results. Weekly Deals still gets excellent readership

This is a short update and a further update with more exciting news should be available in the next 4-6 weeks.


Qualified Confident Scheme

I am pleased to announce the QualifiedConfident scheme for The Weekly Deals Free Sheet.

QualifiedConfident from Court Guinness allows business owners to advertise in confidence and arrange confidential deals via The Weekly Deals Free Sheet.

How does QualifiedConfident work

Any one who wishes for a business opportunity to be advertised in The Weekly Deals Free Sheet but wishes the for the opportunity to remain confidential can use the QualifiedConfident Scheme. Anyone enquiring can fill out the magazine contact form with basic information. The Weekly Deals Free Sheet will then contact that person to confirm the information and then pass that information to the advertiser.

Under the GDPR regulations all advertisers using the QualifiedConfident scheme will agree in advance that they will abide by the GDPR regulations in writing ad indemnify Court Guinness and the Weekly Deals Free Sheet against any abuse of any information collected on their behalf by the Weekly Deals Free Sheet.

How much does QualifiedConfident Cost?

QualifiedConfident costs £20 per week per advertisement in addition to any other advertising fees.

Please contact me for more information on QualifiedConfdent